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Rooster had to be dealt with. It was awful ugly, but it fell to me to know what was good for the community. He made it through the ten steps. I had high hopes for him. He looked good when he strutted in, then came the damn crowing. He piped up at circle time saying shit about our doctrine, inferring that it was contrived.

Banty was ready to knock him in the head. I stopped that right away. No use going off half-cocked. There was supposed to be open communication. Some members were a'gin it. I told them it was right. They simmered down. The he upped and popped off again going on about how there was no way he was going to the devil when he died and that we were loony. I'll admit I was ready to give him the ax.

That ain't how it's done, we have a method. If someone is aiming to be strangled and they stick their neck way out, it comes to me in the end. I am proud as a peacock to ruffle feathers myself every once in a while. I know the pecking order, though every bird has their day. Today was not his. We scratched long into the night, half asleep leaning back in the straw. The flock was peaceful until he screeched. Five in the morning is an ugly time to be looking for trouble. I thought Red was going to lay an egg until I winked over at her and she tucked her wings back under her apron.

I took him out back, rung him out and let the feathers fly. I felt good about it. I believe that's what he wanted or he would have shut his beak. It's no telling how some want to go like that, they just do. It's not that they're bad eggs. They just have small brains. They can't deal with the idea that this is the way it is. I am quite content with the way things are. I will never fly the coop.


Well, that was an interesting rooster story. Well done mixing the human and chicken elements. I know them both too well.
And 5 in the morning is too early!! He had to go! 🤪

Trying something different. I have written ten books in various genres. Each one offers it's own reward, but this one was weird for me. Ah, growing, experimenting.

The freewrite is perfect for experimentation. No expectations!! No good or bad. Just doing it :)

Such an interesting read! Loved your little ... experiment!

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