Day 893: 5 Minute Freewrite: Tuesday - Prompt: flute

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When I think of the flute I think of me as a child, listening to a story about the man and the flute. "The Flute Player of Hamelin" or "The Pied Piper of Hamelin" some might remember this renown story told through generations, for others, the story starts with a beautiful town that gets infested with rats and the town doesn't know how to get rid of them. A mysterious man offers to help get rid of the rats for a reward, in turn, the town agrees. The man plays his flute throughout the town and the rats soon follow behind. After the rats had gone the people went against the deal and gave him no reward. This angered the man that he said he will get his vengeance, so in the dark of the night, he played his flute all loured out the town's children to an unknown, inescapable place. He went back to the town and basically ransomed the kids. Most versions of this story are told differently but we can all say this dark tale has a very strong yet interesting storyline. Although it would be fun to write your own take on this classical story adding jump scare elements to it. Like still having the story as is but sending the rats back to the town with extra creatures, and maybe each day a child goes missing, the last thing I would add to it that they needed to find the man he didn't just show up.

So my so-called improved version would be R-Rated and would go something like this

Long ago... In a beautiful distant far land where the crops always grew lush, where the livestock always thrived, where the people lived in peace and harmony. It was the type of town that one could only dream of its beauty, it was surrounding a large clear river that you could see the fish swimming ever so freely. It was known for the wool produced by its sheep, the wool was the softest of its kind and this was because of the vegetation produced.

Until one day, when a far more than a thousand rats came ransacking the towns produce and running through people's homes, basically tormenting the town. The town had tried everything possible but every time they got near to a solution the problem got worst and worst that they were out of ideas.

During this horrid rat torment, an elderly man wearing a dark coat, looking very poor with torn shoes had approached them and told the mayor that he would rid of the rats if the town would give a place to stay and some land to plant. The man explained that he came from a town not far away and a fire burnt his home, he had lost all his crops, livestock and his young grandson who was his only family left. The mayor promised him a very small piece of land with a tiny house on the outskirts. The man very gratefully accepted this and began to play the flute making the rats follow him down through the mountains and far away from the town.

When the man returned to the town, the mayor laughed in the man's face he told that he would never give the man a piece of land in his town and the only reason the rats were there was because the town that the old man had came from burnt down. The man told the mayor that "you will regret the day you double-crossed me". The old man left the town furious only to bring the rats back in the middle of the night. The next day when the mayor woke up all the rats were back in town but he refused to give the man what was promised.

Later that evening the old man had brought flies, termites, and cockroaches. Yet the mayor refused to give in to the old man. The old man began to feel angrier and thought of the worst thing possible that's when he had the idea to lour all the children from the town, being the saddest thing that had happened to him losing his grandson. Day by day he loured each child at the strike of midday from their cozy beds into a cave in the mountains. The mayor with all his stubbornness refused to budge until on the last night with only one child left in the town being the mayor's son went missing. The mayor called out for the old man telling him to return the kids and he will give the old man a beautiful home. The old man refused and asked for 1000 gold coins in advance so the mayor wouldn't go back on his word. The old man took the coins and was never seen again as for the children no one has ever seen them since.



heres the real version of this story if you interested