A towering Beacon met his end at a beacon..... unfortunately!

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Mr. Christopher Rotherham, M.D., Chrisham Group of companies, which was into the manufacture of Vodka, was brutally murdered by a group of persons who pushed him from the top of Bodie Island Lighthouse, North Carolina.

None knew who were behind this brutal murder.

  1. Was it because of his legal testament, which awarded nearly more than half of the $100 trillion for the humanitarian aid to Rwanda famine, Ethiopia famine and Angola famine and the rest of the amount for many orphanages operating all around the world?

  2. Was it because of his adopted son Rex who had a wordy duel with his father over the loss of nearly $1 million by investing into fraudster Jerard Botten’s JeBo Finance Capital company?

  3. Was it because of his wife Traci Chapman Rotherham for going against her wish of having a lesbian relationship with Shexy, her partner?

  4. Was it because of his daughter Emma Rocks for saying no to her love with Terry Johnson, a freelancer?

None knew the answer.

Fred, the sheriff, visited the farmhouse of Mr. Christopher Rotherham to investigate the murder.

Everyone thought initially that this was an act of Zetta because it was he who was caught in his earlier attempt to murder Mr. Rotherham.

But that idea got a jolt because at the time of this occurrence of this murder, Zetta was serving a jail term for murdering an industrialist.

Fred also considered the above factors and through his investigation he came to the conclusion that none of the above factors would have contributed to his homicide.

So who was the black sheep?

According to Fred, a group of perspicacious people were required to kidnap Mr. Rotherham due to a high level security provided by the government with a team of officers hired from Scotland Yard Inc. due to an imminent death threat to his life.

5 mins over

Their selection of this Beacon is to create an impression that is an act of suicide, but not an homicide and they placed a suicide note to divert the investigation, but to no avail. This was confirmed by Fred after preliminary investigation.

While the investigation was going on, Fred bumped into one Mr. Roddick, a NC Police officer paving way for the revelation of the truth.

Mr. Rodherham contacted him earlier to send a team of officers from the US Army to combat the militants operating in the Rwanda area who were looting away with the humanitarian aid, funded by himself, being sent to those affected by famine.

After many rounds of high level delebrations, they were successful in getting a nod from the government.

The army thus sent there mass murdered all of those militants and in order to avenge this killing, a militant who was deeply hurt from the attack somehow knew who was behind the attack, joined hands with some accomplices(in the neighboring state) who were very much talented in orchestrating a murder perfectly.

Fred was able to fill the gaps and was able to find out an answer for this brutal murder, but there was no evidence to support his argument and he remained helpless as he was unable to punish the accused for killing a good soul.

The unfortunate thing here is that he is like a beacon to those suffering and the very same beacon met his end in a beacon!!!

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I try to figure out why...
I would say: ask the gardner. In most cases it is the gardner and a good soul is seldom as good as people think. Interesting story.

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