I was alone in the library

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Sometimes, I think ignoring some stuffs might do us good, even if they persist!
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Mr. Jones, the security man asked everyone to go home that it was already past ten (pm). Well, I never had in mind to go home that day since I hadn't done much justice on my studies since the semester began. So I begged Mr Jones to allow me spend the night alone in the Library. He agreed on the condition that I will leave at five am the next day.

Everywhere was as quite as a graveyard when all the students in the library left. I had almost started enjoying my studying when sleep swung in. I hadn't read much but I decided to rest a bit.

I hadn't closed my eyes for two minutes when I had a noise. It was loud enough that thoughts that it could have been caused by rats in the nearby bin didn't cross my mind. And then I heard the sound again, cracking sound.
I began to worry. I was not only scared, but also anxious to know what could have caused that noise. The sound kept repeating itself, and then I summuned courage to go check what actually kept making the sound.

I gently opened the library door, very frightened and almost peeing on my trousers; came outside and walked sluggishly to the place the sound was coming from. On getting closer I discovered it was the swing. That was when I took a deep breath and headed back inside.
But then something struck my mind. "Who pushed the swing?". Of course there was no wind, the air was as still as mountain and Mr Jones had told me he was going to the next compound to spend the night.
I quickly ran back into the library, locked the door and hid under a desk.

This happened in 2014.



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Haha, and you never found out what moved the swing?! Yikes! I would be so scared too!


Yea! I was scared to the bone.