My Super Power Vitamin C: 5 Minute Freewrite Challenge

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Heres my entry to the " The 5-Minute Freewrite Challenge" organized by @mariannewest.

Today's prompt: "VITAMINS"


I can say I’m dependent with Vitamins
Super reliant on Vitamin C to be specific
It is not just ordinary Vitamin C
That people used to take
Since many years back.

My Vitamins is more beneficial than others
Because it is a non-acidic Vitamin C
It contains not Ascorbic Acid
However Sodium Ascorbate
That is very friendly with my stomach.

It can be taken as often as I like
Once a day, twice a day or even thrice
It will not cause me stomach trouble
Or gastric pain whatsoever
For it is a non-acidic Vitamin C.

I’ve been taking it for quite some time now
Yes I am reliant with it
Seems I cannot live a day without it
I won’t be feeling well without my Vitamins C
I need it to boast my immune system.


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wow, I think that is good also for me sir.


Yes jun its very effective try it, its available in Mercury Drug.

Informative post.
I think i should try it once..

I stopped taking vitamin C and this article just reminded me of how important it is to our health. :) Thanks

Gonna try this,thnk u for sharing

I see..mas ok d ay in ani

I really like this post long888!


Teardrops SMT (@surpassinggoogle) has added a tear of joy.
A Tear Now Has Value # 8


Thank you very much!

I'm also using Bewell C. Hehe


oh parehas pala tayo ng vitamins hehe