Tomorrow Never Knows?

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Turn off your mind, relax and float, downstream, it is not dying…but listen to the color of your dreams.

But, what if these don’t match?

Who out there will give me advice on this Sabbath day of holy LOVE, of….?

Do something brave, so here I will go with what has got me tied in knots, this relationship with the void in man form, garden of Eden, banished into the thicket, and really when there aren’t we all alone?

Puncture weeds we called them, the ones that stopped our ten speed tires dead in the hot sand, miles we had to walk back pushing a good-for-nothing frame.

Well, he is the one who likes only the desserts, the plum cobbler’s and he is a gobbler as the German woman pointed out--not so bad in all scenario’s she’d pointed out with a written wink and a grin. But I feel he’s a snake, the cigarette’s I finally gave up again this spring, that last one I’d held onto to smoke out the demons of loneliness. Yes, only one a day for quite some time. I’d followed the advice and played within a Vesica pisces I created out of all white rocks on the hidden bank of the blue-green Navarro River, smoking and lying and crying into each circle, being stretched and as much as possible remaining non-judgmental of myself, but praying, giving in action-stance a chance for some hand of God to set me straight, a third to enter my consciousness, create a holy round in the split.

I did bury the butt.

Now, I must ask myself is he like those American Spirit’s? Something that feels so good to inhale, but creates bad-at-night anxiety dreams when my inner spirit reigns, all parts conferring, no more!

That is what happened last night in my dream of the King who took me into a crowded restaurant room, bought bottles of champagne, opened and poured many, but this was no celebration of light, he was bringing me there (though I am also observer) to publically break my heart? Later, I am walking, quite able, on my own heels, out of doors, towards a sunny and glistening pool.

Live for the day in fountains and joy, that is the soul of life and liberty, he writes me, drop the drudgery of cross bearing past pain and then cherish the good and reject the bad, in present time,...tout est grace, he continues. Asks me to come to his mat and we will read to one another. No doubt he’ll kiss my feet.

So, in sum, enjoy one another in present tense only? Sounds very carnal, very hippy, perhaps Luciferic? This is where our greatest differences seem to lie. I am quite conventional and Masonic in my overall viewpoints (moral initiations) and though neither seems right in totality, I fear dropping my cross burden knowing it is a tool, ladder, pointer, stretcher of light, a universal map. I see the degrees of universe and multiple lives, not just single days, though I have appreciated the rest, the Sabbath's in these drifting downstream floats, still, all of God's days are sacred...

Help me! What is LOVE and what is temptation?

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If I may, I humbly layer thee.

"Love is all and love is everyone
It is knowing, it is knowing

Relax and die with me.
Shine and surrender to the walk across the abyss.
Mean to be quintessential.
Believe and mourn with me.

Come to colour me
And begin to be."

And so you exhort and the work begins.

We will show them exactly what Love is.
Keep dropping crosses like L-bombs.

To the general public: some people are born mature. Please allow for your head to catch up with them and know first-aid teams are standing by to help you acclimatise.

A special thank you to the Bridge Builder is in order.

For Dried-up Steemians: Try a dreamworkshop in California (pick any) and know your blood type instantly. (Blood of A something and something more; Blood of Be and go beyond; or Blood of See and know it is right here, reserved for true believers who MAY not even sign up for the follow up courses of how to stick something in anything that tunnels into you, to poke around and hope the ants come crawling out to entertain you.)

(Personal preference: We suggest you come back here whatever the results. Leave the ants alone! They are effervescences of the Life with in.)

Would you believe an ant came to crawl on my arm as I read your response?!

The writing is no longer on the wall but on our skin.

I really would like to know how this is all tying in. I'll ask at my end, you at yours, I'm sure they've got the same source. I also think they are not like help used to be (helpful and merciful) and that they too feel under enormous pressures. As if time is running out, which is one thing, but with so much loving potential at one's fingertips - trees still grow - it is cruel to watch go down.

I am re-reading your words and find them a wealth of knowledge and a healing balm. Yes, you may....I love this work in layering! Riddle-speak, a heavenly language, soul collage at such a greater level. I understand it best when I stay out of my own way.
And, there is the work and I do my best to stay open to and ready for whatever that entails, trees still grow and I am miraculously provided for, meaning time and food/shelter to ponder/explore the lines, even if most of the work means staying clear about the original revelation.

And this one bubbles up next, while I learn Monk was excellent at both chess and checkers.

I have certainly never met anyone who does the work like me. It is a very special opportunity we shall explore with the utmost reverence.

Maybe the heart breaker can tell you. He's good with words.
I suspect it's all love and all temptation.
I hope you resist the temptation have a fag though. I'm up to 40 years without a drag, and I still sometimes miss it.

Perhaps, too good with words, a split tongue to match both agenda's.
I've started and stopped numerous times, glad I am off them now.

Whoa! very stream of consciousness in this freewrite. I am glad you got this out, @kimberlylane. I'm no expert on love or temptation. I'm just a one foot in front of the other type :)

Here's your next task:

Thank you for stopping by with the next prompt :)