200 Days FreeWriteHouseParty Contest (Day5): She Knows How To Swing A Hammer

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SWING a Hammer

21 years! It was just unbelievable, a shock...it was beyond her and TJ's imagination. How could this happen? They both worked hard selling mutual funds for a living the last 21 years and were doing really well. They had a beautiful home and two wonderful children. They had led a flourishing agency with people who were passionate about helping their clients manage their investment. Year after year, they were among the award winners and their agency won the top producer awards. Why were they given a termination letter with no reason at all? No one from the company had called them to even speak to them much less, give them some warning of what was about to come. What did they do wrong?

She remembered the day that she received the letter via registered mail. It was their time off in the week working at their wood workshop to relax and unwind. She really enjoyed the creative process of making things in their fully equipped workshop built specially for them to indulge in this passion of theirs. She loved working with wood and the smell of freshly cut wood surrounding her gave her a sense of contentment. It was an unusual interest for someone like her but it was love at first "bang" when she swung the hammer for the first time helping her Dad when she was younger. Ever since then she picked up one skill after another using different saws, drills and sanders. She had made rocking chairs, tables, cupboards and bookshelves. Practically everything in their home was made by her hands.

The postman arrived and rang the bell as she was swinging her hammer to nail down a row of nails in her newest project for the kid's play room. She signed for it and smiled at the postman thanking him. She wouldn't have done so if she understood the news that he had brought. She tore the envelope and read its contents. As she read, the colour drained from her face and called out to TJ. She ran to the workshop and showed him the letter unable to speak. What would they do now? How would they continue to live and provide for the kids? Their source of income which was beyond comfortable had been pulled right from under them.

A corporate with no heart and compassion had done this to them. Ever the practical person, she was already thinking of all the things that they had to do to within this one month that they had. The top priority was to contact all their clients and explain to them what had happened. "TJ, why don't you try and find out what this mess is about." She calmly said. He rushed into the house to make an appointment with the CEO to get some sort of explanation on why they were issued a termination letter by the company. She continued to swing her hammer hard taking out her frustration and anxiety on the nails. She said to herself under her breath..."We will get to the bottom of this, we will have to survive and thrive no matter the circumstances!"

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I wrote this for someone going through a really tough time. The situation I described is real and I am writing this to give her emotional support. It is incredible what some companies can do without a thought. My prayers are with her and her family. Day 5 of the contest and I cutting it really close. 10 minutes before the deadline!
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Great writing. As an adult, many of our concerns stem from the worry of not being able to provide for your family. And reading this one gave me a little bit of that worry and anxiety.

So sorry to hear that your friend is going through something like this. Can only imagine how much of a nightmare this must be especially if you have kids.

Hope things get sorted out and your friend soon finds herself as the hammer again and not the nail.


Thanks Bran! I agree being the nail is tough. For her it was a betrayal of trust! Whatever reason the company had for doing that is beyond me but thank God that she is focused on a solution rather than the opposite.

Hope you friend receives all the strength that she needs to go through this hurdle. Bless them! Xx


Thanks Faith! Yeah me too. She has been working really hard to meet up with all her clients to explain what happened. Though it is tough because she herself doesn't know what the issue is.

Well written!
So sorry your friend is going through this. It is something everyone, especially if they have a family to support, worries about.
What if?
What if we cant pay these bills?
What if we lose our job and therefore lose the house?
What if?...

Best wishes for your friend. Ill pray for her. ♥


Thanks @squishysquid yes it is very tough to suddenly have your rice bowl broken like that. Thanks for the prayers. I am hoping that she will get to the bottom of why their contract was terminated.