The human tree (Freewrite Prompt: Tree )

in freewrite •  7 months ago

The eyes became slowly white. The body arched back while the mouth opened.
The veins clothed the skin. The fingers dig deeper as the pain surrounded the body.
A green tongue unrolled the life robbed from the body.
The tree grew and grew, expending limbs and leafs. The body shrinks and shrinks with muffled screams and spams.
The tree is alive, the body is no more.
This is a common occurrence in these places. Nature evolved and became a parasite of the human body.
We now turn into the soil for trees.

Is the rain our tears?

Well It turn out pretty dark didn't it? I was going for the Guillermo del Toro style of tale but I don't think I manage.

I also didn't find a decent image of what I was after. Too bad!

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Hey, picture or not, I love this.

They say we will go back to the soil from which we came. I sat and meditated on this for sometime until I realized something,
This body that I have is something I accumulated over time,
I had to eat to grow, and all food comes from the earth.
I therefore ate the earth and it became me.
This body is not mine, but it belongs to the earth.
I am only borrowing it until my time here is done,
then it shall nourish the trees.


That's a nice way to put it. I certainly prefer that than having trees or whatever fighting me in some crazy apocalypse.

I feel like we forgot that we were part of the nature. Now we only see it as something to use to make money.