Day 669 :5 Minute freewrite tuesday prompt-Knife

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There is a phrase I heard once and it says

"Sometimes we are a knife and sometimes we are the wound."


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And it is very true how many times we have not hurt someone either intentionally or not and I mean from the emotional point of view but there are times that hurt us.

The important thing is to realize when one is a knife since once the damage This fact is very difficult for that person to forgive you since it is very likely that it is too late.

You have to think very well before acting since in these times hurting is very easy. a broken paper is not the same even if they paste it.

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Is this your first freewrite? If so welcone.

I learned that what hurts you (cuts like a knife) in many occasions has to do with our own feelings. You feel hurt because....

Good point you made here.

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It's not my first freewrite :) but thank you.

Like knives words can cause injury, but if we can just stop ourselves picking at the scab, it can eventually heal.
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