Larry (Freewrite Day 98)

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A song by RedRaga was playing.
The headlights illuminated the street.
The speedometer needle edged past ninety and Larry had no plans of slowing down.
Dragon was riding shotgun, smoking a cigarette. Every few seconds he’d glance back to see if they were being followed.
I don’t want to go to jail. If only Dragon had listened.
“If only you listened!” Larry said loudly and hit the steering wheel.
“Shut up! Coward. We made some money.”
Then it appeared in the rearview mirror: Larry's worst fear, their worst fear. Dragon saw it and shouted at Larry to slow down. The speedometer needle fell fast. The red and blue flashing lights got closer—and closer.

They pulled over.

The officers approached the car with caution.

Larry got out of bed and turned off the radio. “Round is a shape” had become his least favorite song.
“Why did you turn it off? RedRaga is my favorite band,” his cellmate said.
Larry waited a few minutes before he turned the radio back on. "I had this song on repeat the night I got arrested."

A 5-minute freewrite. Thanks to @marriannewest.
Day 98. Prompt: round is a shape

Original image source: Unsplash


Well, that was fast paced :)))

That would ruin a song for you!!

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