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We have a full house - again! We started many years ago with 3 (of 5) boys and my wife and I in the house. Over time, we had some move out and others (not always ours!) move in. This last spring, my mother-in-law moved in because of her health issues (we can help her better). Then my oldest moved back in - with his wife and 5 month old baby daughter (first grandchild!) and their dog - because of his job situation (or lack thereof). So now it's as full as it's ever been!

So just this week, the refrigerator decided it had it with this life and up and died on us. Since we all used it, when it broke, it was a break for us all! And that just isn't very cool....

(no, not ours!)
(No, this wasn't ours :)


Clever little final sentence there;)
That's a full house indeed. I just hope your other 4 chickens don't come home to roost!

It's great you can help them all. We do the same and inevitably something gives out. My washer died when my daughters family of six moved in (with three cats, two dogs and 2 ferrets)

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Full house for sure. And kids moving back in with their parents is the new normal. Hope the new fridge wasn’t too hard on your budget

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I remember when I was very young too, the break down if someone household appliances gives the home a break 😁.

Am here with the weekends freewrite prompt.

For singles who want to mingle
Do have a wonderful weekend.

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