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Good day Steemians and freewriters around the world!

I am back, and the 5-Minute Freewrite Challenge is now on its Day 311, by which the prompt is charge.

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I know you are in pain.
But I don't feel it as much as you feel.
The suffering in you is intense.
That it made me suffer like how you did.
But not to the level of pain you are going through.
I can't take those pains away.
If only I could, I did it.
If only I can take or transfer your pain to myself, then I did.
I promise I'll take care of you.
I will take charge of the things you left behind.
But by doing these, I couldn't remove what should be removed.
That is your pain.
It's hard for me to see.
It's hard for me to think clearly.
Knowing you are living in terminal.
But I am clinging on the hope that you will someday be cured.
Is it in vain?
Is this nothing?
All I hope is to see you back in your own strength and vigor.
The energy you once had.
Sadly, it is diminishing slowly.
and it pains me to see it.
Fighting until I can
Until you can.

*Created using The Most Dangerous Writing App

It is painful to see someone you love living with a terminal disease. You can feel the suffering of your loved one, that if only you can take some of their afflictions, you did. But all you can do is take care of them.

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Wow you are so good blogger Sir
Salute you

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Such a sad poem, but then watching someone suffer is terrible.
Anyway, time for a new prompt and here you go:

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