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Cream that is used for whipping. It's the gentlest way to be whipped.

My brain is a slurry. I think people are baffled by adults who enjoy doing things they aren't good at. We'll see how this goes. I have committed myself to joining a choir. I warned them that I was bad at singing and not for lack of trying, nor for lack of learning. I missed whatever developmental encouragement I needed ages ago to get any sense of tune into my brain. I am glad that I got the rhythm. That seems so necessary to so many things, but I just cannot seem to match pitch. It's utterly foreign to me. It seems like something you either do or don't do, and no amount of practicing ever seems to bring me closer. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it's one of those things where I was actually improving while I was actively in classes. But only supervised practice helps because if I'm practicing WRONG, well, then it's wrong, and my ear isn't yet trained enough for me to know if it's wrong or not.

Whipped cream. Whipping cream. Food for thought food for sweet times. SWEET.

Hey have you ever had a lot of sugar in your coffee, and you're like, I didn't particularly want sugar. I wanted cream, but there was no whipping cream? I really like the taste of air, you know? I like foam. Heck, I like head on beer a lot more than I like the beer itself. I like big foamy airy things. For one thing

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I love singing and sang in the choir. I'll never be famous and now I just sing in the car. Slurry is an interesting description for the brain. Nice freewrite.

I like head too ✅

I think you can get better - but perfect pitch might be out of reach - I know it is for me....

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