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Fine, I'll

The record player hasn't seen a lot of action in the past 3, 4, 5, 6 years. I haven't seen a lot of action, either. I feel like a record. I have some nostalgic value, but mostly I'm obsolete. They can get better quality for cheaper and tinier. Like a can of sardines vs. a tin of kippers.

That's a weird comparison. But it's happening because I spilled fish juice on myself and now, even though I've changed shirts, everything still smells like fish and it's infecting my brain.

Boy howdy. I'm turning away. Turning away from thoughts, which I know isn't the point of freewrites, but there's a difference between public and private freewrites. Do you ever do this? Write a long post and then think better of it, but because you're proud of how you've captured your thoughts, save it as an email you'll never return to, but will know is always there if you want to examine those thoughts again? I do that all the time. Less lately actually. I trust myself more now to find the right words. But I still don't always. Today has been hard. It feels like nuance is lost on... no, there I go blaming my audience. I didn't realize I would be so misunderstood, I suppose. That's on me. I would have either spent more time emphasizing my point. Restating it again and again so that even a cursory glance at my writing could not be mistaken for the other thing that I'm believed to have said but didn't. Or just not have posted at all.

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I never thought I would become my dad, but here I am, lost in the '70s and wishing for the old stuff, like vinyl and 8-Tracks. I guess I'm obsolete too. ;-)

I'm here with the Thursday prompt.

Day 349: 5 Minute Freewrite: Thursday - Prompt: running in place