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What a racket the child makes. Stringing the catgut across the frame. Loud and useful!

What a racket, stealing from the poor, the capitalists have. The wages of sin are death and the wages of retail work are also death.

What a racket. Racket bracket. Which bracket with a rachet or a Raquet...Racquet? rachet ratchet? RATCHET!

Have a good day, mate.

Simple pleasures. Smiling down. Table fingers chair dog lots of plants the light shines from the ceiling. The sun rose, but I couldn't tell. Oh no now there's sound coming from the baby monitor. Sitting. Feeling guilty that I didn't pick up the toys the child threw. I didn't feel guilty until someone else did it. But I thought, "I'll leave them out. He'll come back to them after his nap" He's so sleep, but he's not asleep yet. I have to go in just 30 minutes. That's not long enough for a nap. What a tragic morning. I mean that it isn't really. I just think he should be asleep by now. Poor kiddo. He's sleepy

What a racket. What a racquet. What a bracket. Wait... isn't it Racquetball? Yes, it is.

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