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Small quantities of my fiat currency are helping to plug the drain of value on STEEM.

No worries! Really, I'm not worried. I suppose it would be nice for me to have enough money that I can do it all by myself. I don't OH WELL! ;)

I'm only investing what I can afford to lose. Isn't that nice. By the way, I am really good at memorizing lines. Here, let's see how much of the script... no I probably shouldn't This is public, after all... I know, I'll write down the character's thoughts line by line.

This child wants to see her mother again. The thing that will make her

Maybe mom shouldn't talk like a demon.

That's not in the script, that's just @stinawog making funny sounds all of a sudden, and our dog barking in response. And by funny sounds, I mean she sound like a demon.

But here we go.

Reassure the child with my authority

Stina was quiet for SO LONG, and now that I started my freewrite, she just won't stop talking to me. She knows what I'm doing. She's very silly.

You guys. Steem Monsters. I wish I were ... I dunno. I wish this had been around 20 years ago. I would be so gung ho about everything to do with it. I would play, for sure. I would have gotten myself involved in the writing process surely. and

Good heavens, my wife, yes, you can have my attention.

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Oh nooooooo ;)

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Between the baby, your wife, and the dog, I don't know where you will find the time to take a shower and get the mashed potato off of you. To bad I'm busy for the next year cleaning myself up or I'd help you. haha

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You are a great daddy for sure. :)

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