Mashed Potato, a we-write freewrite game thing story

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I had the mashed potato splatted on me here:

I will be continuing that story, so check it out if you want context for what I'm writing below.

Here are the prompts I have to use:


After my story, you will see the next prompt.

She snatched the chain letter from his hand and ducked past the arm he was trying to block the door with.
"Potato is my name. And Ralph only sent me if you mean Ralph's, the grocery chain. Sorry for lying."

She strode into Chuck's kitchen and he heard her rummaging through all his cabinets. Quite abruptly, all the romance had gone, and she was in a frenzied, harried state.

"What? Your name is Potato?" Chuck asked. "Good gravy, lady, that must have been tough on you in school."

"Oh hush your upper lip, Chuck. I'm named after a tuber, you're named after vomit. Who had it worse? Don't tell me, 'what's upchuck?' wasn't something you heard on a regular basis."

"I... " Chuck had no comeback. It was true.

Potato came out of the kitchen with his mini cooler. "I'm not stealing, I'm borrowing." She said, and revealed to him the contents: a bag of ice cubes, butter, milk, and cheese. "That chain letter was meant for me. I am supposed to make Mashed Potatoes for the church luncheon, which is today. I'm sorry it was all mysterious, but it's not an ordinary church. And I'm running late. So. I'll bring back your cooler tomorrow. Gotta go."

Chuck, dumbfounded, watched her leave. Then something propelled his feet. At a distance, he followed her as stealthily as he could. An unordinary church? It was time for an adventure.

The additional prompt is

Here, @honeydue! Your turn! Catch the mashed potato!

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Haha. Potato is her name! Ralph's grocery store … I didn't see that one coming. She didn't stay. Some women, geeze.

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