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For https://steemit.com/freewrite/@mariannewest/the-weekend-freewrite-9-1-2018-part-3-the-dramatic-twist

"Clarity and protection is all I want from you."

All she could think about was how much she wanted more than that from him. She wanted his smooth forehead pressed against hers as they wrestled. She wanted him to take her to WWE matches and laugh at the "pros"

But she shook her head. There was no way this little runt would ever agree to be her wrestling opponent. He was a goon's goon. Stocky, ready for anything, but ultimately, just another rung on the ladder of criminal organizing.

He wished things like, "I wish the boss would give me enough for TWO bodyguards,"

This wasn't really anything to make her dislike him. Sure he was whiny, but every rung was. He at least had a smooth forehead. She was a sucker for smooth foreheads. Good for rubbing. And he let her rub his forehead every time she busted someone else' s on his dime.

Being a bodyguard was a lot more rewarding than being an actor/wrestler. Here she was actually doing things, not just pretending to be doing things.

She kinda did a double take. She was flash-backing a lot lately. Had she become bored with her job? Getting nostalgic about the beginning? Pop!

She jumped. She was getting jumpy, too.
Just before starting second grade, Tom moved across the country. He hated it.

It was too hot in the car. It was too hot in Arizona. It was too hot in his new school's classroom.
He thought he had made a friend over the summer, but when he got to school she pretended she didn't know him. Her eyes were always angry, and her forehead was always crinkled in a frown. In that last weekend of summer before school began, they'd arrived, and he'd gone immediately to the library, trying to preserve some sense of normalcy. He'd learned to read just a few months before, and had been settling in with a book every chance he could. His old library had big plastic chairs and little plastic chairs and he had been expected to sit in the little red plastic chairs that were really built for a kindergartener. This new library had bean bag chairs, and that was the only good thing about this new place. In the children's book room there were not just books for little kids, but books for older kids, too, and here was this girl floping from bean bag to bean bag in the otherwise empty room, reading a middle school book as she flopped.

She didn't say anything to him, but she didn't seem to mind when he grabbed a book off the shelf and just also began flopping from bean bag chair to bean bag chair. She even laughed once or twice when they both accidentally rolled off.

"Just pretend it is not there,"

The cyborg floated above them both, just begging to be toyed with. It was good advice though, even the twins could tell. There were no other ways to amuse themselves, but there were also no other ways they were going to get killed, so the cost-benefit analysis seemed to bear it out.

"I won't get killed if you don't, k?" She ignored the twins and spoke directly to the little boy who seemed familiar somehow.

"Of course not, milady, just like chairhopping."

Chairhopping? why did this little boy sound like a 30-something, and why did "chairhopping" ring a bell in her brain? She'd been bodyguarding for that goon for too long. All those bonks on the head must have shaken something loose.

The twins looked back at the two. "If we're going to make it out of this room, the time to go is now."

She let the thoughts drift away from her like two tendrils of a jellyfish that had stung once and needed to be avoided.
Without making a sound, she pushed up from the hard cold steel and

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