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No fever for baby!

I had a temperature, it said of 99.3, which isn't really high, I guess. Does your temperature go up when you walk for a couple miles?

Probably. The kiddo is playing with his table that teach him a couple dozen words. Let's see, there's
Open: Aprir
Closed: Sera
One Uno
Two Dos
Car Auto
Piano Piano
Yellow: amarijo
Blue Azul
Off ...papaga?
On ... prendir?
bye bye adios
book libro
ball: bola?

we worry he has an ear infection because there's lots of earwax. I don't think he does because things I read say "sometimes they just have lots of ear wax" and he has no other symptoms, but stina says "better safe than sorry" so we're taking him to the doctor this afternoon. Which is fine, but I hope I'm right because otherwise, for the rest of our lives, this having been on the blockchain, everyone will say, "YOUR CHILD WOULD HAVE BEEN DEAF IF YOU'D HAD YOUR WAY"

Which, of course, would have given us better cause to learn ASL.

I kid. Kind of. I mean, I do. If our kid had his sense of hearing and lost it, I think that would be sad. But also, ASL is cool to learn.

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The earwax is probably not something to fuss over. I suggest putting his head under the shower with some warm water coming out. If you get the ear just right, all that wax gets washed out. Very easy. It has helped me more than other methods like hydrogen peroxide.

Saludos amigos... Me pareció interesante éste post, lo encontré mientras buscaba por el tag #spanish, pero veo que está totalmente escrito en inglés por lo que no puedo entenderlo.

El hecho de usar un tag exclusivo como #spanish en un post escrito totalmente en otro idioma, puede ser visto como abuso por parte de los grandes usuarios del habla hispana. Te lo digo como un consejo desde mi humilde experiencia.


Hey there! You'll notice that it isn't written entirely in English. It, in fact, includes information about my attempts to learn the language and my son building his Spanish vocabulary.

I'll also point out that trying to make #spanish an exclusive tag is probably an uphill battle, since it's just a word that could be relevant to people who could be talking about learning the language or even writing a story set in spain or... so many things, really. Coming up with a unique tag is something you could defend, as, for example, comedyopenmic does.

Most importantly I learnt Spanish from here. I know nothing concerning ear wax, am not sure if I've come across it before.