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Caducity! Oh boy, I haven't the faintest idea what this word means!

Is it... Wow, I don't even know where to begin. It doesn't seem like a word I know. I have no starting point. I mean, it's a noun clearly. And probably a noun that has to do with an idea or concept, right? Audacity. Perpetuity. Elasticity...


Oh man, only two minutes in and the kid awakes! Can I push it... He's just kind of mumble crying. Should I see if he's still resting and wait? I definitely don't know what to write about caducity, so .... and hey, spellchecker doesn't recognize it... Is it a typo? Should it have been... Cad

No, I dunno what it'd be a typo of.




hey. Happy father's day to me!

And to my dad. I gotta call him. Was gonna do that during the nap, but ,,, I


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the infirmity of old age; senility.
frailty or transitory nature.
"read these books and reflect on their caducity"

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I have to admit I had to open your post to see what it means as like you I had no idea, but then the first comment explained it so I learned a new word today

Happy Fathers Day

Right? It's a good word

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Indeed it is one I hope however to never need to use

@improv Don't feel bad I too had to look up the meaning and my spell checker said it was spelled wrong. but google had it.

It was totally new to me, too! Happy Father's Day!!

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