@mariannewest . Seed saving. Free write.

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Five minute free write.

I had to google this one.

Seed saving.

Essentially it is about keeping seeds from a plant / harvest and drying or preserving them to grow another crop.

I have gardening aspirations. But my success has not gone beyond impulsive procuration of cuttings from neighbours succulents. I have an extensive collection...

So here is my little 5 minute random rhyming ramble on the topic of Seed saving.

Because I actually stuck to the five minutes, it didn't amount to much at all... Funny... And makes little sense.


Seeds saved, stock piled
Needs paved, ensiled

Weeds waved, exiled
Deeds staved, hawked filed

Brown bag, agriculture
Brow sag, corporate vulture

Sound wagging, angry ultra
Plough banning, orchard poacher

Grains flowers herbs fruit
Rains shower birds shoot


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You are a woman on many contradictions.

For example, I notice that this post is tagged "notpoetry" and "poetry." Marg, this is what men have been talking about for millennia. :-) :-) :-)

Interesting rhyme scheme.

Nice freewrite.


Firstly, very nice to see you reappear.
The not poetry is a tag used by @weirdheadaches. Male.
Very smart man, although he tends to limit his wisdom to email messaging and share snippets of it in posts, and self deprecate with the not.
A while ago I challenged him on it, decided to use it with him and invent a movement not unlike anti-folk , folk music, so post modern it is not even poetry anymore.
We also use blogon, which is my blog version of jogon , I like the phrase, but hope blogon has less negative cogitations. We are also the only ones to use it thus far.
It is yet to catch on...
Highly exclusive perhaps...
Gonch inspired. Jogon and spoken rhyming word genius.

Although the cornetto trilogy is a jogonspiration too.


Arrgh ... this is where it's headed, isn't it? No more poems about noble endeavor or romantic obsession. If it's not rap, it's not hip.

"Quill The Rapper."

Hmmm ... I may need to invest in some fake jewelry, put on 100 lbs and grow a goatee.


Maybe a quil rap will get me writing again.
Will you perform it on D tube if I write it for you? It could be a sensation?

BTW, this is from a show that runs on the government funded TV station ABC, Australian broadcasting Corp kids channel . They have many great BBC, US and Canadian shows too.
Degrasi, sesame st, the wiggles started out there.
Oh! Showing my age but.... You would remember, "You can't do that on television ", Canadian gold!.... They delivered me that too.
Tax funded educational TV.
The ABC probably made the mermaid thing miss K was into.


There are very few things I wouldn't consider doing if it meant generating a laugh. You have, however, identified one of those very few things. I possess a haughty sense of humor and rapping doesn't quite comport.

Moreover, my mind reels in trepidation, if not outright dread, when imagining what kind of lyrics Marg would cook up. You see, I have more than a passing familiarity with YOUR sense of humor ... and the sirens are sounding as if an air raid was imminent.

Admittedly, this stinks of cowardice on my part but I'd be willing to bet that anyone who has known you for more than a month would similarly, and hastily, decline. Though notoriously immune to humiliation, my male ego is sufficiently self-aware to recognize that, in this instance at least, discretion is the better part of valor. :-)


A bit naughty on my part. I should not ask you to do something I myself would never do.
I woke at 2 am, checked my phone for the time, saw you had replied, I wrote that comment and went back to sleep. 😂 I hardly remember it.
Maybe I would do it if I wore a big head Mr bungle style. I considered an open mic with a mask on, but if I had a day job I would remind myself of my limited talent. My mum tells me I have a lovely voice, my dad is more honest - Face for radio, voice for print.


My mum tells me I have a lovely voice, my dad is more honest - Face for radio, voice for print.

Marg, that line is hilarious ... and linguistically profound. Mark Twain level wit. And remember, it's quotes that sell stories. It will be stored for future quotation.

You are a fountain of such gems ... which is why I keep nagging you to write. This is your gift ... and respecting said gift, you have few equals.

Admittedly, the EDS makes it hard to focus for a period sufficient to showcase it ... and THAT is your challenge. On-off, on-off until the project is complete. Not easy ... but easy is no longer a luxury you may expect.

I am not wrong about you, Marg. You belong at the head of the table.


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OK... Thank you.
But to clarify, I have been rewarded by a bot for not using a bot.??
Steemit gets more complicated each time I return.
I am old school, even in steemit terms. 3 yrs ago I learnt basic mark downs and how to host photos somewhere, (steemit didn't upload back in the day, ) several forkings back.

But there are all these different coins cons scams schemes incentives augmentives bots whats nots hots blots twats shots grots and gots.

What happened to the real life stories, articles, blogs and collaborations and contests. I sound like someone's grandpa.

Thank you for verifying my contribution 😊 .No bot plotting here, just plodding along.

Touche. :-)