To What End Is This : A Poem.

in freewrite •  9 months ago 

Even if it's today, to what end
Tomorrow? What's for yesterday?
A scolding, an abuse, an evil friend
Tell me please, how I got here.
Several times told, you're your manager
A cool dark days, a hot burning sun
None else could figure it out yet
That this life is each to bear.
Calling all men, come quickly
Turn to me, hear my plead
A cry here, a tear there, am getting weak
Let this news stop, of endless cheat.
Dragging foot, sluggish walk
In the room, in the corridor
None else could do same as he does
Watching as men pass by to mourn.
Trying to make sense of this nonsense
Sleepy, tired, typing this shit
Am hunting for more, dangerously hunting
And here I am, looking yummy.
An entry into @Mariannewest everyday #freewrite

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Wow. This is extraordinary. You have just painted some sort of life in the form of poems. Brilliant.

It is weekend and that just means you get to choose any prompt you want from the table in this post.


If you are up to some challenge to weave 3 prompts, each 5 minutes into 15-minutes freewrite, you can click here.. You may be surprise how each prompt leads to another story using the next prompt.

Have fun writing!