Thanking Him For Blessing Me : A Freewrite Poem.

in freewrite •  9 months ago 

Looking through it all
Only one to thank us God
Searched high and deep
Found none else like him.
Everything in me stand
To this God, to this might being
None, none, no else like Him
From Him comes light.
Here I am and stay
Closely guiding His name
God of all gods, Lord of all lords
The greater than the greatest, He blessed
Closely looking deep into His word
From there caught a glimpse
The Blessed, the blesser, I'm blessed
To you I return all the glory.
Am with the Father, am happy
Am so blessed now, thanks to the saviour
What I am is courtesy of The Father
Thanks to my creator.
And so I've come, thanking Him
All honour and Majesty to Him
No mountains , no limit
The great I AM, thanks for blessing me.
for @Mariannewest everyday freewrite
Prompt : I'm blessed.

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So glad that you are strong in your faith!

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