Swing along #Freewrite Day 211

in freewrite •  last year 

I miss swings, like really miss it a lot. During my childhood, I lived with my aunt in Singapore and there were gardens on the apartment grounds and a pair of swing right in front of the tennis courts. I used to go down in the afternoon and spend around one to two hours just sitting on the swing. It was very relaxing and to me it was fun, just sitting there swinging leisurely, enjoying the sun and thre breeze. My mind would go around running, daydreaming and I just love it so much.

When I went back to Indonesia, there are barely swings around, and when there are, it is usually on a children park with many children and I would feel bad using the swing instead of them. Truly hoping that when I get to have my own house in the future I could vuild swings there.

And I just remembered, one of the present my dad made for me when I was a child was a wooden swing, I don't remember using it but I remember asking him what was he making and he said he is making a swing for me. I guess this will remain a wonderful memory for me.

Today's prompt reminds me of wonderful memories which I know I can relive in the future. Link to the prompt : https://steemit.com/freewrite/@mariannewest/day-211-5-minute-freewrite-friday-prompt-swing

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