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I am ruled by plugs these days, and I have very few electronics. At the moment I have a laptop with many plugs that can go into it. I also have a phone I use for photos and need to charge constantly. I think the battery is not good on that one.

Where I live now, I work in the living room. I cannot leave my computer out when I am not using it and need to take it back into the bedroom when I nap, or sleep, or cook, or do laundry, or go out.

I sleep in the bedroom that has no good place to work, but I do listen to podcasts to dull my mind for sleep. If I try to sleep without some noise in my head I only worry about my son @bxlphabet and do not rest. If I listen to something educational, I am out like a light, thankfully.

So I move the computer and phone around a lot. Neither of them has a plug suitable for Malaysia, so I have adapters to go with the plugs. (Thank you @happycrazycon!) I get down on the floor and plug things in and out many times a day now.

Aside from that, each plug in the wall has an on and off switch not seen by me in any other place I’ve been. Remember to turn those on or off at the appropriate time or the plugs are not working or fire might break out; depending on the type of error made!

My post is for the #freewrite daily challenge by @mariannewest. Freewrite is a great way to post on steemit when you do not think you have the time, or talent, or anything to say. I know you can do this too! Here is Marianne’s freewrite prompt post for today. Give it a try and surprise yourself.

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And when I go visit my brother in Perth, I have trouble fitting my plugs into their power points
Hope you are settling in well @fitinfun 😊
Long weekend coming up
The city will be quieter than usual

Oh yes we have different plugs here than yours. Other than that, we are plugged to the same source of Life. Praying for the best for you and Caleb.

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I know! Plugs are different in every country - kind of crazy.... :)


Yes and I have visited about 6 of them right here - all different!