5 minute prompt "Something Left at my Door" #freewrite

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So I got a glass front door installed. Completely clear, that way I can see who's at the door when people call. Of course they can see me, but that's fine. If I don't want to talk to them I'll just keep watching TV and they'll get the message.

Anyways one day there's a loud bang at my door. As I approach I see something lying there - a bird? Did a bird fly into my door?

But no. It's a drone. All smashed up, because my door is made of special resistant glass.

Are drones trying to break into my house now? Or was it following a mandate to process the delivery directly to my phone? Do drones understand the notion of privacy?

Might as well check for a delivery. Sure enough, its got a package, so I pick it up and look at the label. Belgian waffles.


Written in five minutes from the writing prompt, "Something Left at my Door" as part of the #freewrite exercise. I also drew the image for this story. You can view the prompt here and check out the other entries, some of the most entertaining stories on Steemit can be found there. Thanks to @marrianewest for creating and running this far out & groovy & really kinda special writing challenge.


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