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A few years ago some young people completed their high school studies, and had established good ties of friendship. Since they lived in a small town, most of them opted to continue their studies at universities located in different locations in the country.

In the ethics class the teacher of the subject developed the issues around friendship and companionship. The approach was aimed at ensuring that they maintained their friendship in the future despite continuing their studies in other locations.

He always warned them of ideas worth spreading, which they would not regret.

Years went by and everyone continued connected with the help of social networks and the internet. The majority finished their university studies and others followed other courses.

Already old the teacher proposed a reunion to share and review what had been the result of this lasting friendship. Everyone attended the meeting that was held in the auditorium of the high school.

They were surprised that most did not recognize each other, since they were fat, bald and wrinkled. In their memory they had the memory of when they were teenagers.

This is the freewrite challenge. I am using @mariannewest’s freewrite to write this piece please read here.

Prompt: ideas worth spreading.

I invite this challenge to my friends @sacra97, @marybellrg, @angelica7

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I’ve never been to a reunion but I suppose they must be great fun seeing how fat, bald and wrinkled everyone else is while you yourself are lithe, bouffant and flawless;)
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