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RE: 5 min Writing Prompt "Awaken" #freewrite

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This is a charming little piece ... and was part of the inspiration for us inviting you to join our writers and artists group, @thesteemengine.

I know you said you had misgivings about your computer being able to handle the Discord app, but you can run that also from a webpage. Maybe your computer can handle that more easily until you become rich enough on Steemit to buy yourself some fancy new one.

Anyway, the invitation still stands and we would still love to see you there. We may be able to help you considerably to gain more appropriate rewards and better visibility. Meanwhile ...

This excellent post was included in our new curation effort The Magnificent Seven -- a collaborative work by @enchantedspirit and @catweasel. You have received a 100% upvote from each of us to show our appreciation for your post. To see your creation showcased here ... and the fine company you keep ... please visit this link.

The Magnificent Seven

We appreciate your support both for our work on this project and for the other creators of exceptional content who make it all possible. (Follow @catweasel to catch our future Magnificent Seven posts. He's really not as annoying as you might think. <--- He always makes me say that.)


I signed up on Discord and accepted your invite. So far I still don't have permission to post to the SteemEngine group, but am still figuring out how things work there.

Thank you very much for including my post in your Magnificent Seven curation.

Ok. that should be fixed now -- and you should be able to post and participate in the group as a full member. @catweasel made you a passenger on The Steem Engine server. You're officially part of the group. If you have questions once you get there again, he or I -- or one of our helpful members even -- will arrive to help ASAP. It may take a few minutes -- especially here on the week-end, but we do our best not to leave anyone waiting in silence for too long. I think you will enjoy this bunch. Welcome aboard!!