5 Minute Freewrite Day 583: Rate

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If was fun how they met, one rushed morning in which she had to buy extra groceries for an impromptu party in her apartment. Her friends from college told her that now that finals were over, they should all just let go of any petty worries and get wasted!, or at least eat a lot and have fun, but of course, she had to be the one making the food. The curse of knowing your seasonings.

He was behind a counter full of fruits, all shiny and provocative. One that she didn’t see on time before crashing into it. A lot of confusion, screams (mostly on her part) and embarrassed expressions later, and the only thing he said was “the important thing here milady is just this: how would you rate my mangoes?”. He was quite a patient and understanding man.

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I definitely want to know more about this couple. Very intriguing :)

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