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"I don't know. Why would shebang her head on the door frame like that?"
"Why would youbang your head like that?"
Fred thought about this. He knew that he could not get his head to the top of the frame regardless of how high he jumped. He remembered, as a kid, jumping and putting handprints on ceilings. But that was many years and pounds ago. She was still lying on the floor with her blue eyes rolling unfocused in their sockets. He had placed an icepack on her forehead.
Her hands began to clench and eventually formed, leaving the pointing fingers out. Her head began to swivel from side to side looking for something. I went over under the door frame to see what she was trying to identify, warn us of.
Finally I could see it swiveling over the floor, heading toward both of us.
I jumped with frightened panic, hitting my head on something very solid.


That was a wonderful Freewrite!!!