The spring is sprung

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With the departure of winter, the arrival of spring and the temperature a balmy 16 degrees, we headed off yesterday for our first visit of the year to the Phoenix Park, a short cycle from our house.

It’s almost possible in the midst of all the greenery and the birdsong to forget you’re in a city bursting at the seams, the streets thronged with bodies scurrying from one place to another, heads down making no eye contact with anyone, absorbed in some version of life being presented to them on a screen.

In the park, things are a little different. It’s as if there’s a sign on the gate saying it’s ok to speak to the other humans here, for we exchanged greetings with walkers and other cyclists about the weather and the deer and how empty of people the park was. Miles and miles of green open space, fresh air and wildlife and hardly a sinner there to enjoy it.

IMG_1115 (2).jpg



I suppose I should be grateful for the wide open spaces, considering that Agenda 2040 plans to import another million people into our tiny country, which already has a huge homeless problem. No doubt, in time, you won't be able to see the grass for the number of homeless people's tents pitched on it.

IMG_20181026_154348521 (1).jpg



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The prompt today was Departure
All blurry images are my own and taken yesterday

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Beautiful scenery at the park except for the tents. I had no idea you had so many homeless people there. As usual, we both wrote about the departure of winter. LOL!

Of course we did, I copied off you;)

At least they get tents there.
In denver the cops steal them as evidence of camping. 0.o

That doesn't surprise me. They used to move them on here but lately, there's been a lot of publicity about several homeless families who bedded down for the night in garda stations, so the garda seem to be leaving the campers be.
What lunacy it is to have so many homeless and to add to their number every day by allowing banks to evict people?

Just good crapitalism.
If you steal a tent another tent gets sold and the sales tax pays for more cops to steal more tents.
Rule by force is the disease, who and how are symptoms.

Howdy deirdyweirdy! wow your park has miles and miles to it, how darn big is it anyway? And what's this I hear about you moving? Why do you have to move? and what does "the aul craic" mean?

What in the world are they bringing in a million more people for??? what kind of people and from where?

We still have plenty of space in parts of Texas and it's sunny almost all the time but you'd have to wear a cowboy hat. lol.

Phoenix Park is 1750 acres full of wandering herds of deer. A beautiful place to cycle.

I'm getting out of Dublin soon and gonna try my luck down in the sticks. Maybe I'll turn up in blanchy's local some fine evening;)
'Aul' is just Dublin slang for old and you know what craic is.

Europeans aren't having enough children so we're being flooded with Asian and African immigrants to replace us. I have nothing against Asians or Africans but their culture is incompatible with ours. We have only a small country in which to preserve Irish culture and traditions. If not here then where?
As to Texas, it sounds just crazy enough for me and I'm certain I'd rock a cowboy hat!

Howdy deirdyweirdy! that is one huge park! dang no wonder you can go miles and miles in that thing.

Can't you Irish just have more kids? I couldn't agree more with the massive immigration especially with those who don't assimilate. That's a darn shame to have to bring so many in that the culture will change after so many centuries, I hate that.

Sir @blanchy lives out in the sticks? Is that good or bad? Over here the word "sticks" means out in the middle of nowhere like where nothing happens, wilderness. I thought Ireland was too small to have areas like that.

haha! I agree, you and Texas might get along and I'm sure you'd look great in a cowboy hat!

Yes indeed, sir blanchy is one of dem culchies and us Dubliners regard anywhere outside Dublin as the sticks;)

haha! oh wow, so a "culchie" is like a hillbilly or some sort of uncultured slob then?? And sir blanchy is the king of them in his area maybe?

Hahahaha, something like that, but I think we might be getting ourselves into hot water here. I fear sir blanchy will get his gang of madsers after me and I might have to flee to Texas. What's your address just in case?

haha! you'll be safe in Texas, we're heavily armed and don't care much for unwanted guests!

Uncultured slob??😂😂😂. Well I never. We are very cultured down here in Tipperary. The dubs are just jealous. We can walk around in our bare feet and not stand on a needle! And we don’t have many immigrants like Dublin apart from Chinese among and black Kevin ! 😀😀

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Haha! Sir blanchy it sounds like Dublin is a mess! Well she said she was thinking of moving into the sticks in your area so I guess the only thing you might step on down there is cow or horse droppings. who is black Kevin??

Damn man, that is a lot of tents, must be bad now, it was heading that way when I fooked off, and I left for them kind of reasons, people being ground down, bankers paradise and all.

There are tents appearing everywhere as more and more people are evicted and their houses, along with their equity in them, is stolen by the banks. I'm planning a move myself soon, but where to?

Eastern Europe if you want a relatively cheap place to live, Thailand if you can stand the heat, also cheap to live, the people called drivers, cars, buses or any other form of transport will drive you insane there though. Tried Southern Spain, it is dead boring, and everything shuts at noon, Tenerife is nice, a touch expensive though for property, Portugal is a good option, say others. Got to get out there and take a look, as I never in a billion years thought I would end up buying a farm in Poland, but there you have it. :-)

Thanks for the input. I spent almost 20 years out of Ireland living in various places in western Europe and in Thailand for a while, returning home to Dublin four years ago. I must say, though it's terribly unPC, I missed being amongst my own people. The Irish for the most part are an amiable bunch and even still in Dublin, you can fall into conversation with a passing stranger. I'm very inclined to stay here but move into the sticks. According to blanchy, there's still the aul craic to be had there, but I know Europe is finished, headed for collapse. Decision time in a couple of months. We'll see.

Best wishes regards what ever you decide on, as I say, no matter where you go, you always take you with you, be happy where ever you are.

Did you buy farm in Poland? :) Seriously? Are you a farmer now mr @shepz1? :)


Yes :-)

Hi @deirdyweirdy

Listen to @skepz1 - Poland would be awesome place to move. Our currency is still very weak, it's very safe (not even one terrorist attack) and you will not witness pretty much any homeless people here.

I would recommend my town called: Wroclaw. Check it out. It's beautiful here.


We have one homeless lad in Clonmel . They gave him a house . He tore up the carpet and slept on the concrete he burned the bed. Some dope

Ony one? I can send a few more down to yiz if ye like.

Dear @deirdyweirdy

It is my first spring in over 10 years and I must admit that I love it so far :)

witnessing entire world waking up is something I already almost forgot ...

Agenda 2040 plans to import another million people into our tiny country

Which country are you from if you dont mind me asking? My memory tells me that you're Irish but I cannot be sure.

1 milion people would change dynamic of your country (small population) very badly.


Your first Spring? Have you been living underground?
Yes, I live in Dublin and I don't recognise it anymore. We're being invaded en masse by people of incompatible cultures and selling out our own to accommodate them. We're being told they're Syrian refugees but Syria is crying out for their men to return and rebuild, so why would they be seeking refuge?
If this continues, we'll be a minority in our own country within 20 years.

Amazing comment.

Your first Spring? Have you been living underground?

You made me laugh so bad @deirdyweirdy :)

After 2 years in Dublin in 2005 I moved to Asia and I lived in various countries (mostly thailand and malaysia) for past >10 years.

The only weather they know is: hot or hotter :)

I bet Dublin doest look very different now.

We're being told they're Syrian refugees but Syria is crying out for their men to return and rebuild, so why would they be seeking refuge?

Polish goverment has very different approach in that aspect. Instead of "taking" refugees they are trying to help rebuild Syrian economy. At least that's what they tell us (regular joes :)

If this continues, we'll be a minority in our own country within 20 years.

Most likely. But that would mean that your population still need to double (almost). Maybe it wont be that bad, but surely your country will face enormous challenges.

Fingers crossed.


You wouldn't recognise Dublin. Entire streets have been demolished, there are building sites everywhere, the skyline is filled with cranes and you'd be hard-pressed to find a Dubliner anywhere.
Regarding the population, we have a small but rapidly growing number of young Muslims with high birth rates. I have nothing against Muslims but I fear for our native customs and way of life which is entirely alien to them.

This is all very saddening to hear @deirdyweirdy

I dont think I will ever like to visit Dublin. I want to remember it the way it was in 2005-2007.

Yours, Piotr

The Irish Times Dublin crane count reached a record 123 in March – the fifth consecutive month when the survey recorded a new high.

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