Lawless, a 5 minute freewrite

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As long as there is government there will always be new laws. No matter how many laws there already are it seems that there will always be a need for new ones. How is it that these new laws seem always to be to the detriment of the people and all about more control and particularly more taxes. It seems we’re all “guilty” according to laws they haven’t even written yet.

What is the legal system for if not to prevent harm? If it is to prevent harm then why does it do so much harm to so many? Why do we need so much control? Is it not the case that 99.9% of people just want to get on with their lives, make a living for themselves and their families and leave everyone else to do the same and if so, how many laws do we actually need? If all laws were abolished tomorrow would you suddenly get the urge to rob and murder your neighbour to take his goods or would you just carry on being the decent person that you are?

To my mind most laws are unnecessary and most crimes are just breaches of regulations that should not exist. Crimes must have victims. No victim, no crime. The laws we have simply make it legal for corporations to destroy our environment and strip mine our planet to the detriment of all of us. The law exists only to control us, make us pay to be alive and keep us in scarcity.

I would make one law and one law only, DO NO HARM.

Posted in response to @mariannewest's freewrite challenge which you can see here

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Well said and I agree with you 100%.

Of course you do. Sure don't we agree on everything?;)

LOL! I keep forgetting about that. : )

If every one of us love and care and do our own part, we should be able to live happily together...

Thank you for freewriting with us! Here's the prompt:- Day 441: 5 Minute Freewrite: Friday - Prompt: list.

Thanks again! With love and hugs.


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Thanks for the delivery;)

You are most welcome!

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Nice 'free-write' @deirdyweirdy ...

I would make one law and one law only, DO NO HARM.

Seems to me that the 'above' is one law I can be comfortable with :>)

That's grand then. As soon as get me wee country up and running I'll be sure to give you a bell.

I shall be waiting suitcase is already packed :>)

Agreed!! the more laws, the more ways to have unexpected and unwelcome outcomes.

And no matter how much we disagree with the law we still comply for fear of punishment.

I remember that until recently that was Googles motto 'Do no harm'. Unfortunately they have broken that law again and again. I think we all have to start our own little individual country and have our own law in that case I think mine would pretty much be the same as your.

Really, what other laws do you need? We're all sold this idea that others want to harm us, which for the most part just isn't true. It's the law that does us the most harm and sets us against each other. We live in a world of abundance and are made to feel as if we have to compete with others for scarce resources.
By the way, when I set up my own little country you're welcome there anytime;)

Good write up about laws. Yes there are too many people being housed in prisons for victimless crimes and the time in jail is just an expense on taxpayers and families.

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I agree. It's a crazy situation incarcerating people who have done no harm but have failed to comply with some silly regulation thought up by some politician and called a law.

You have very good insight and thoughts on the matter. I agree the more laws the more ways to get people in trouble and bring them under control. Many of the things that are considered laws are foolish things that they can use to make money for throw into the coffers along with all the taxes. !tip

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Absolutely, we're sold this idea that we need the law to protect us when really what we need is protection from the law!
Thanks for the tip, the comment, and the are way too kind.

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