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LAST CAKE (2).jpg

It was her 21st birthday, and there was a big party at the house for all her friends and family. What better day to ask her to marry him thought Sean. After all, they’d been dating for two years.

Since he would be the one cutting the birthday cake, he thought it an inspired idea to slip the engagement ring into the slice of cake he would serve to his beloved Siobhan. The diamond was of sufficient proportions as to be visible to her when she speared the cake with her fork, so what could go wrong? He thought it would remind her of their shared Irish heritage, and an old custom both of them remembered from the old country involving putting a ring in the Barmbrack at Halloween, bringing fortune evermore to whoever received it.

And so the day dawned and a wonderful time was being had by all, despite Aunt Matilda’s yappy pest of a Chihuahua who busied himself humping the legs of the male guests and peeing on the shoes of the females until someone gave him a swift kick which landed him under the table.

And then the time came to cut the cake and Sean successfully negotiated the transfer of the slice to the plate. But, as he reached over to hand it to Siobhan, the pesky dog started nipping at his ankles, sending the cake tumbling to the floor. The cunning canine, darting out from under the table, attempted to wolf it down but got the ring caught in his throat. Unable to breathe, he began spinning in circles gasping until finally, he collapsed, the force of his last breath sending the ring shooting across the floor to land at Aunt Matilda’s feet.

Stunned by the scene unfolding before them, it was a few moments until anyone managed to rush to the animal’s aid, but alas, the dog was dead.

Not a word was uttered as Aunt Matilda rose, gathering herself up to her impressive height of six foot two and, staring first at the ring and then at the dead dog, bellowed “which of you nincompoops decided to put a ring in a birthday cake”.

All eyes turned to Sean.

Posted in response to @mariannewest's 5 minute freewrite
The prompt is RING IN A BIRTHDAY
The image is my own


@deirdyweirdy The report is very good and also very real, I had a lot of fun with the story. You have a lot of inventiveness. By the way I think that marriage didn't happen. Happy week.

I'm delighted it gave you a smile and I agree, the marriage is most certainly off.

lol! Hey, it was a bizarre accident and a very romantic idea! Ha..what is a Barmbrack and what kind of a name is Siobhan? Great story deirdyweirdy but a tragic turn of events for the dog. Too bad you didn't create one of your art masterpieces showing the dog spinning around. lol.

Barmbrack is a sort of dry spicy fruit cake eaten here at Halloween. The custom is to place a ring in it and whoever gets the ring in their slice gets life-long good luck.
Suffice to say, I have never managed to get the ring.
Siobhan is quite a common Irish name pronounced Shiv-awn.
My apologies for the absence of artwork. I tried to draw a dog spinning around but only succeeded in getting very dizzy;)'re so funny deirdyweirdy. Siobhan is pronounced shiv-awn? wow. You never got the ring. lol..yet. Maybe you will get it soon and then the rest of your life will be full of good luck!

A morning smile, nothing better than that, cheers.

Thanks sweetie. One less I owe you then!

Very clever way to use the prompt. So what did the very tall Aunt Matilda do to Sean? I don't like to be left hanging. LOL!

Well, as the story goes, she sat on him, crushing his marriage prospects entirely. I'm not sure I believe it though.

I thank you very kindly and appreciate the support.

Thanks very much. I'm delighted it gave you a giggle.

Greetings dear friend @deirdyweirdy.

This was a great story, of course assuming they were hypothetical facts, since this would be practically a family tragedy especially because Aunt Matilda surely loved her little chihuahua.

I congratulate you for your creativity and those images that you managed to create, certainly provide a very pleasant reading fluency.

By the way, how did Sean's marriage proposal conclude?

All best, Piotr.

Thanks for the visit m'dear. I wasn't aware you were a fiction reader.
As to Sean's proposal, suffice to say he died a lonely old man in a garret!

Dear @deirdyweirdy

Thank you for your kind comment and sorry for replying so late.

May I ask you for little favour? I'm not sure if I did ask you about it already or not (hope I'm not repeating myself).

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Yours, Piotr

Yes! hahahahahaha! An inauspicious beginning. A story for the grandchildren. Good riddance to that dog, it sounds far worse than my needy misbehaving dachshund. Great story!!!

Thanks , though I fear it was more of an ending than a beginning:):)

Awesome writing! I enjoyed reading this a lot ^_^

Thanks so much, and for recommending me in the favourites this week.

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