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RE: "Resteemed Upvoted and Tweeted" - Read, Loved, Shared - Freewriters Unite!

Thank-you for including me ❤️ And for such a beautiful article on the @freewritehouse. I like @wakeupkitty wish I could read more than I do. But it’s improving. I will make it a point to go through your post. 😘

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You're most welcome! I love the artwrok you include with your freewrites. Glad tohave you among us! your message is timely:
To put all in layman terms and lay it on the line. Computer screens can burn you out and smuggle all your time.
Remember to look around you, there's plenty there to see, just peer out the window, don't over do like me.

Thank-you :) I am pretty sure I spend just as much if not more time looking for what I think is the ideal image for my freewrites. It's nice though, it helps in painting the picture of what's being written. It's a very enjoyable process. ♥

*Me too! - spending way more than five minutes hunting for images to go with 5-ish Minute Freewrites!!! But it's also fun. And you have a natural gift for finding awesome images.

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