Day 585: 5 Minute Freewrite/FreeWritePoetry: Monday My Submission - Prompt: Nest

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Days of reminiscing have come. The years have quickened, like a thief robbing us of our comfort. The two of us knew the time would arrive that it would just be you and I.
The thought of all the sweet things we will do together is exhilarating but the void... Oh the void lingers.
So here we are, making plans. Sorting through and anticipating what comes next. Here we are standing within our empty nest.


Little cries and giggles we hear now with the grands. The time to live a little has finally took a stand. You wore those boots so proudly with holes upon your feet. To give to all our little ones. Avoiding all defeat.

With pockets full of money, you'd rush off to the store, to buy them all the special things with patience, waited for.

I'd cook their favorite dishes, cakes celebrating life. I'd mend their broken hearts, breaking up their fights.

We taught them strength and honor. We took them to the shore. We cried for their discomforts. Adoring all the more.

We did the best that we could do amid our circumstance. Would we do it all again, if given that one chance?

I know we would in retrospect and do it all the better. Yet here we are, you and I, standing here together.

Their just around the corner or a road trip down the way. We haven't really lost them. We knew they couldn't stay.

So now we go to concerts and dabble at new things. And find a new experience and see what it will bring.

A paradox feeling, displacement at best. But with you right beside me, I know we won't regress.

So take my hand as always, a new chapter begins.

Though their at a distance, the story doesn't end.

Let's dance beside the fire and tune our old guitars. Learn those epic love songs, I'll sing a couple bars.

So fiddle with me Darlin, I'll fiddle back with you. We're only just beginning; Let's do all we can do...


This is dedicated to my husband @thekid67. He has dedicated his life to helping me successfully raise our children. He's always went above and beyond what a loving father and husband requires. He's that and more. A dedicated provider and leader to our family. Though we have experienced low times in watching our children come and go as they became adults, there is always a silver lining. Including the grandchildren! Changes are ahead for us. Plans are being made. Transitions can be tough sometimes. Nevertheless, there are beautiful days ahead with my one true love. We accomplished so much and I am proud of the family we formed together. I'm not at all boasting, I only grateful for what I have in the sense of family. Thank-you my darling for always encouraging me to do what I love and for letting me... be me.

Thank-you for taking time to read my form of self-expression and letting me share a part of me with you ♥

All the photographs are my own property :)

Featured in the above pictures are my husband and children: @thekid67 @mrsburnsedsmith (daughter) @wishyouwerehair (son) @jpburnsed96 (son) and @iamangierose (my daughter-in-law). Along with: A few son-in-laws, another son and some of my grandkids ♥

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consistency 💙
Let's Together Keep On #steem ♨ On ! to the 💙 Universe ♬
#seven77 with LOVE 💙 PASSION !

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I sure will ♥ Thank-you for stopping by ♥ #Steem On with #SEVEN77

Most Welcome ! @deepsouthpiddlin 💙 ♬

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Thank-you so much ♥ I appreciate your feedback very much.

I loved your freewrite. And I know exactly what you are talking about. Empty nest can be sad, but it also brings a whole new life, if you're lucky enough to have someone special to share it with. Sounds like you are one of the lucky ones, as am I. And aren't grandkid grand?

Thank-you! Yes, I feel so fortunate to have the relationship I have with my husband. So happy for you too ❤️ Quality of life is so important at this stage of life. Yes, grandkids are a whole different world. I love spoiling them lol There is something extra precious about that bond. Thank-you for commenting, it’s made my night ❤️

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@deepsouthpiddlin Yep, we are the lucky ones - @crypt-skip is my best friend and he makes me laugh every day! I saw your #seven77 video with your granddaughter - that was so precious! @crypt-skip did one with our granddaughter riding on his back while he did the pushups. She thought that was so cool, lol.

Yes, I can relate so well. My husband @thekid67 definitely got my attention from day one by his sense of humor 😁 Yes, Gracelyn loves to make videos, so much fun ❤️

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