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I was on my way to visit my Grandparents in Paradise, California yesterday and I was running late getting to my flight. It seemed that I would never get through security and down the concourse to my loading platform. As I waited in that awful line listening to the constant jabber behind me between two millennial-aged girls discussing politics using words that might as well have been a foreign language to me, I suddenly began to feel flushed. Oh no I thought, maybe I should have passed on that free breakfast at the motel where I stayed last night.

There were rumblings from down below, could anyone else hear that? After a moment and another step closer to the checkpoint, another wave came over me. This time surely those standing close to me not only heard it but felt the rumble under their feet. No time to waste, I must go now! Looking around I could see a sign for the closest restroom and I quickly headed towards the door fully concentrating on controlling the terrible sensations that were coursing through my bowels.

It was then that it happened, alarms were going off, lights were flashing, and voices were shouting for me to stop. In my Panic, I had stepped across the boundary bypassing security in order to get to my destination in time. Too Late! Did I just hear a gasp and a snicker emanating from my last position in line?

This is my efforts to do a daily 5-minute freewrite sponsored by Marianne West


@deaconlee, MUCH respect -- I felt every bit of that freewrite!

Oh, I hate to hear that lol! ;)

So glad that you gave it a try!! A lot has changed on Steem since you were here last. One is that we have communities now. And the Freewriters are one. I am assuming that you have never signed up for Steemconnect and such, so best keep using Steemit as your posting site. I have to go on it and see how the communities work there and then I tell you how to join. :)