Prompt Of The Day “The Perfect Day” - Today Has Been Such A Day!!!

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Starting my day off from work with a dog walk and cleaning the house, I find myself this New Year’s Eve alone with my thoughts. Mel has to work today so I took the opportunity to clean the house making it comfortable for her return home, taking advantage of my only down time to ponder at what I call reflection rock and record a vlog.

What’s a perfect day to me? The days where I accomplish something, everyday I can walk Jerry and ponder, the days my fiancé comes home with a smile, everyday I can create something I am proud of, the days I have the opportunity to reach out and be acknowledged!

Today was a perfect day, though Mel could not join me for tonight’s celebration as she works super early. I have reached all my milestones just in time to celebrate for New Years, 70 rep 💪 starting the year off strong!

I was surprised today by @soufianechakrouf with a sketch of myself making the goofy thinky face I do, totally made my evening Thanks so much dude!

Mel and I had a simple dinner, sat and talked for a bit, and watched some tv before she had to head off to bed.

A day full of simple pleasures and no I’m not going out drinking or anything like that without her, I am sitting here at home happy with myself for having made use of the day. I am taking my final moments before the new year arrives to write this post and I head off to bed myself.

It’s been a wonderful year, a perfect day, a pleasure to have met everyone along this Steem journey!

Happy New Years everyone 🥳 may this be your year to shine 🥰

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Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!!!

Thats it @d00k13 OUT

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hi @d00k13.....Wish you a very Happy New Year..

With your freewrites @d00k13, you always keep us h00k...ed!

Hats off to you!


Thanks my friend I try put a little extra into it 😅 I have set a high standard to uphold 🤙

Honestly I can say it’s my self doubt which drives me constantly to try do more or something different, I’m very glad to have stumbled into the FreeWrite community 😊

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First happy new year and you did good job cleaning house and some other works


Thanks my dear, she was very happy 😊

Happy New Year 🥳

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Nice job congratulation happy new year .


Thanks Dude 💪 Happy New Year

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Always appreciated 😘

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Votes and points.... Resteemed!!! Gamification for the win!

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