Prompt of the day “Medicine” - The Only Thing That Works Without Major Side Effects

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Now I struggle on many different levels and have tried to use different medicines to help the problems but most of them always have side effects.

I’m not talking about the common cold or pain relief, I am referring to the things doctors have no specific medicine for. You got a cold, water and rest along with some decongestant. Your in pain, hot and cold treatment depending on the injury and take some pain killers. You have thyroid problems, take some pills if that don’t work kill the gland with radioactive treatment and take hormones the rest of your life. All of which are fairly well known and supported treatments.

Step into the realm of mental illness and suddenly we are removed from the known treatments into the speculative. Even when prescribing you medicine they will offer non medicinal treatments as there really is no definitive answer. What works for one person could have the vastly opposite effect on the next.

I have found each medicine I have tried relevant to searching for my own stability has led me down the road of first becoming worse, if I was a weaker person it could have been my undoing each time. For what little benefit I get the side effects drastically out weight the positives every single time.

There has only been one thing which helps and I consider it medicine to which I self medicate. Can’t get it through the doctor nor will they openly discuss how I find it helps me. There is no way for them to control the market thus no interest in a corporate perspective in supporting its use.

Marijuana, that’s right I smoke daily. I smoke to alleviate my anxiety without feeling overly sedated. I smoke to inspire thoughts normally I would not have stuck in a negative loop. I smoke to be able to focus on things outside myself as my feelings don’t always feel my own. I smoke to feel comfortable in my own skin, no pharmaceutical medicine has ever been able to accomplish that!

Hell it can even be used to aide in the curing of cancer according to many medical journals which the doctors normal treatment is only to attempt to kill it hoping your body will endure.

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The most creative, and empathic people I know, all suffer from "mental depression". It's interesting, that in a society that wants order over all else, any mind that is not in their control, is listed as a disorder. There really is a war going on for your mind.
Thousands of people die every year from smoking weed.
All at the hands of the DEA 😜

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Yea dude it does seem that way, a war for our minds. Fit in or else be outcast, scrutinized and ignored.

I find that it is the empathy or intuition in which my creativity comes from that also relates to my depression. Plague of the creative mind, I feel as if I pickup on the worlds problems through that intuition which leaves me with an everlasting sensation that something just isn’t right in the world.

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Yeh, that's the problem right there man, the world is not right. To not be emotionally moved by that, means that you've lost the war for your mind.
Rejoice in your depression, be grateful that your winning the war 😍

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That revelation alone has freed me from much of the sorrow, never really though much of myself as a mental warrior... I like that thought 🤔

Thank man for stopping in, have a good one!

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I feel you on the mental illness meds. They try to use them to treat migraines, but none work for me. I'm getting botox for them now. Take care.

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Botox for migraines? Well I suppose what ever works right? I know when I get a migraine smoking weed is the last thing I want.... but yea those meds the doctor tries to prescribe really mess up so many aspects of daily life I never thought would be possible.... I look around and suddenly realize why the world is so messed up and no one can see it!

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I always like talking about weed. It's an interesting topic for me because I know someone who is basically addicted to it, and also know someone who can do the work he loves because of it. I feel like even more discussion and research could lead to great things.

Most definitely needs more research and discussion.... we need to have the money to throw at it first which is unlikely with the wide availability of the substance no one can create a monopoly!

Even just the use of hemp alone has the potential to reinvent our understanding of industrial costs never mind how marijuana effects the medical industry.

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I am surprised that your doctors don't want to talk about it. It is legal in Canada, right? Here, it wasn't for a long time and we still have federal laws that makes it illegal - but that has a lot to do with politics, racism and such...

Legal for recreational use still not approved for medical or even oral consumption as of yet 🤦‍♂️ it seems like the only people whom benefit from this legalization are those whom would have been getting in trouble for possession and those whom are selling the substance “legally” but currently they cannot sell extracts or food stuffs as they do not meet the federal requirements of testing as they have yet to make any requirements of the specific processes used to create the medical use products.

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Oh wow. That is the exact opposite from what it is here. The medical had been apporved for a long time... Seems with a national health system, it would be in the governments favor. Pot is way cheaper than big Pharm drugs...

But that’s just it, pot is cheaper and readily available thus no room for capitalization and market control! They need to create synthetic versions that can be controlled before outlawing natural sources but I have a feeling the recreational use legalization was a move to stop big pharma from manipulating that market for control.

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Are you on ? I think you should be there, am not though but you'll find many if your friends there.
Smoking to me is something different, if it works for you, fine. But am sure it can't work for all.

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Yes I am there, did a few posts just haven’t gotten back into posting.... Steemit eats most of my time very quickly I couldn’t imagine posting to any more places 🤔 yet I do intend to get back there eventually

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