Freewrite: Good morning sunshine

Freewrite is a form of writing, you set the clock to 5 minutes and just write.
The question and the prompt comes from @mariannewest, in today's post, there was a lot of options, all the prompts that has happened so far. Join in if you like!

Good morning sunshine

...the world says hello! ... our early morning singing song....

For years and years I thought that line is Good morning sunshine, because I was a kid and it made more sense. But if you know where it's from, you know it's starshine. We had Hair on a video tape and I've watched it so many times that the quality of the picture actually went down and there were more and more lines. I loved it so much, we also had the CD. I listened to that separately as well. It's funny how what you can access as a kid has an effect on you. It's a very different time now. But we only had about 5 movies on VHS, not more. And this was one of them. I am so grateful. (But still not sure of the lyrics, haha.)

Thanks for the prompt!

Have a great day, listen to
Good morning starshine
on youtube!


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That is so funny!! I always thought it was good morning sunshine as well - and we had a VHS tape of hair and watched it over and over. Now, I want to watch it again!! It was/is a culturally significant movie and is a history lesson for sure. Way better than a boring lesson with remembering dates of great battles.

And thank you for the link!!! Loved to watch and listen.

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