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RE: Day 357 : 5 Minute Freewrite: Friday - Prompt: Freedom of Personal Power

in #freewrite6 years ago

Well, I wrote it at lunch, but just now have the time to post it... Be gentle it's my first time...


Well you picked the hardest one ever, so you're awesome in my books. 👍👍

lol, well it's your fault, after your comment on the contest I decided I just needed to do it. It was killing my OCD not going back and rephrasing or fixing sentence structure.

Good job and welcome. I fix my typos - I'm a rule breaker, but I still get the job done.

And I would still be working on it 3 hours later...

I know what you mean, but my typos are so bad that no one could even read my work if I do not do it.

Good information and congrats on your first freewrite. Welcome @coinsandchains

Welcome to the freewriters club and @freewritehouse :) woot! Woot! I have seen you around here and there.

I've seen you a few times as well. I guess we all tend to travel in similar circles.

This is your first?! Aw! Precious! ;P

Yeh, I was making an attempt to be funny, but I pretty much failed miserably, which is something I'm really good at. Failing... I just usually fail forward.

I was being serious. This is a precious moment. Years from now, you will look back on today with nostalgia as you write your 1000th freewrite.

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did you really say Precious? Muahahahaha

such an improv

We are all about encouraging people :)

I can tell, very inviting community.

Weeeeeee, welcome @coinsandchains, you're gonna love it here!

That's awesome! Welcome to the freewriters, @coinsandchains :)

Thank you soo much.


Thank you so much for your participation in the FWH in collaboration wit my #FreedomFriday Initiative.
I've upvoted your comment, and possibly your post too!

Much love,
Eagle Spirit

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