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      My sister gave me her wedding dress years ago. She meant well, aside from the fact that I knew she only gave it to me because she was cleaning out her closet. She figured that, this way, if I were ever to marry, I wouldn't have to drop three grand on something to wear. (She didn't stop to think that there is no way in hell I'd ever pay that much for a piece of clothing.) At first, I refused. Then I thought about how many projects I could make out of all of that fabric and accepted. I wonder if she's figured out that where the material for the pillows I made for her bed came from?

      I guess the dress was considered pretty but, it was too complex for my tastes. It had it all. Lace, sequins, satin rosettes and of course, a GIANT bow to sit just where one's back meets their butt. (Why do some women like to have a poofy bow on their rump? How do they sit down?) With the amount of fabric involved, the thing could double as a tent. Maybe then it would justify some of the cost.

      I prefer cleaner lines and simplicity in what I wear. Oddly enough, though many women look lovely and stylish in ornate pieces, I don't like how I look in them. Though they are beautiful, it feels like I'm playing dress up in my mother's clothes. Like I'm wearing a costume and should be parading on a stage quoting lines from a long dead poet.

      I'm a very plain woman. Plain clothing suits my tastes and my personality. Nothing about my appearance stands out and that's just fine by me. I love the freedom I have in not being noticed. (I get away with a lot of shenanigans while people are admiring others. 😁) Plus, I feel comfortable in simple styles and clean lines. If I have to worry about wrinkling lovely fabric or snagging a hem on something, I get distracted. Oh, and sequins on clothes? NO, thank you!

      Also, I like that simple clothing makes laundry day a hell of a lot easier!

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