Shiro's Ninth Summer

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      This #freewrite tells some of the backstory for my character, Shiro, from The Crimson Brand.

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      Either make yourself useful and help your grandmother settle in, or take Toshi outside and play. Just...stop being underfoot.

      High up in the safety of the tree house, Shiro stared down at the unearthly pale arm scrabbling at the bark of the base. He wished he had chosen to play mahjong with Grandma Kiyo.

      His ninth summer began the same as as every other. Shiro's grandmother, Kiyo, traveled from the shrine for her yearly visit. In previous years, she'd tell him stories (They're all true, boy. I was there.), play games (Pay attention! You drew the Spring Wind. What does it mean?), and drive his parents crazy with her efforts to "protect" their home (Ofuda work! Now I have to make you another one!). As beloved as she was, the end of her month long visits were usually greeted with sighs of relief. They were a modern family, and Kiyo's way of life were only traditions of faith and the past.

      That had been what Shiro had thought.

      He'd thrown Toshi's favorite blue ball down the hill when he felt something cold touch his foot. Looking down to his sandal, the dark haired boy screamed when he saw the white hand, rising up from the lawn. As the fingers inched forward, heading for his ankle, Shiro jumped back, turned and began sprinting towards the house.

      A third of the way there, he tripped and fell, slamming hard against the ground. His mouth filled with the tang of blood while he tried to get his feet under him. An icy cold finger stroked his cheek. Shiro yelled again, rolling away from the terrifying touch. He wasn't going to make it to the house. The hand was too fast!! Where was his mother?!

      Up and running again, he veered to his tree house. He jumped to the second rung of the ladder and sped his way up. The hand, now on the end of a long arm, slapped against the bottom of the third rung, then slipped back into the ground.

      Moments passed as little Shiro tried to catch his breath. He circled the deck, peering over the rail to find where the hand had disappeared to. Was it gone? Did he imagine it?

      A yip from Toshi jerked his attention to the hill. There was his fearless Shikoku, quivering against the corner of the fence as the hand crept closer. No. "NO!!!!" Shiro shouted! Dashing to the ladder, he'd nearly made it to the bottom when arm shot up from the dirt and roots. "Shit!", he roared, heart hammering in fright. There were TWO hands! Quickly, he scrambled back up to the top, wondering how many more there were.

      Toshi's blood-curdling yips had turned to snarls as he bared his teeth and lunged forward to the fearsome hand. Each time, the appendage would slide away, returning to a different side, trying to get a hold of his furry brother.

      If that thing hurt his Toshi, Shiro would never forgive himself. He had to do something. But, what? Yelling didn't scare it and if he left the fort....

      A hiss and shriek sounded from the base of the tree. Turning, Shiro gazed down, his eyes meeting Grandma Kiyo's angry glare. The hand was gone, nothing remaining but a pile of salt from the bag in her hands. She moved past the base and headed down the hill. Her firm voice, carried on the breeze, rose up to the shocked boy.

      "I told you. Never go anywhere without the salt. Now. Quit playing around and get your butt down here."

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I really like this type of writing. Well done! Resteemed!

I'm so happy that you liked it! (Brisby does a twirly sort of dance, complete with bushy tail wiggle.) Thank you for resteeming it, it's very sweet of you! 😊

It made me think to Inuyasha, one of my favorite anime.. or Hayao Miyazaki. Poetic and engaging flashback. Write more about it.

  ·  last year (edited)

That's a high compliment! Grazie, F3nix! I adore Inuyasha and Miyazaki's works are amazing! My girls' favorites are The Cat Returns, Nausicaa, Laputa, and Howl's Moving Castle. We own most of his Studio Ghibli movies and know most of them by heart. (You and I could talk anime for hours. Not to mention manga and the novels that have been made into movies... #wishicouldaffordthemall)

20180519_100836 (2).jpg

Super woww! I like a lot The enchanted city .. my anime are Vagabond, Alita, Berserk, Eden, Deathnote .. but now I'm behind with everything. I feel I need to quit steemit and just devour: movies / books / anime.. i've so much to read and watch! You rock as always Bris 😎🤘

  ·  last year (edited)

Oohh!! Those are some good ones. (I've not seen Vagabond, Eden or Berserk but will put them on my want to watch list (which is longer than a triple roll of toilet paper...). Have you seen the newest live action Deathnote movie? I've yet to. Ryuk looks incredible in the trailer. (Here's to hoping it doesn't disappoint.)

Full-Metal Alchemist (both the original and Brotherhood - which I liked better for the ending) had me miss too much sleep to mention (no, I won't be bringing up NINA). Helsing has some of my favorite vampires (Alucard's insanity is too much gory fun and Seras Victoria's journey to full fledged vamp is so wonderfully done). Hellgirl has a great story line, as did Gurren Laggann (though I thought the ending was a bit rushed). Okay, I'm stopping here...for now.

You, my fantastic fanged fellow, have done it now! 😉 It's raining here today and the urge to ignore all of the things I've to do and sink my butt into my comfy couch and watch some anime is strong! Grazie!

Wow Bris you're a real otaku! Yes I saw that ..not bad but i prefer the anime. Surely better than the full metal alchemist movie.. that really sucked! Now I feel like watching Netflix forever but I've to do steemit stuff lol Thanks god I just came back from karate training.. it's a perfect reset for me and my brainy week.. I had to tell you a secret btw 😛 like kids

  ·  last year (edited)

(Brisby makes zipper seal over her mouth. Then throws invisible key.)😁
Glad you were able to have your "reset". I avoid using my brain as much as possible to avoid the need for one. (LOL) 😆

You're right though. I need to go adult now and do the Steemit things.

Responsibility vs. Me

hahaha too funny! Yes I reset through kicks and punches and a lot of sweat on my karategi :-P We shouldn't think like that...if steemit becomes a chore it's no good mumble mumble..