Protecting The Seeds : Day 231: 5 Minute Freewrite

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I've never come in contact with the fruit called cherry before, but I've heard it before countless times, we use it to complement our girlfriend back then in high school, the next time I'll hear it again was when I got to know it's a specie of mango, very sweet and interesting, the species was just gaining momentum among fruit lovers and many are opting for it against the traditional one.


Before you know it there was no local species of mango again, we now have lots and lots of species around that we couldn't count, in the midst of this we forgot our own.

This incidence is becoming more common here, the ability to throw away what's your for what just came in, what happened to developing yourself to that standard, because you have seen the cloud full of rain you decide to empty the dam, it's totally wrong.


Many seed gardeners who are also farmers are taking it upon themselves these days to gather indigenous seeds, the world is now plagued by a GMO not propagating seeds with no ability to produce a viable F2 generation, we have to do something before its too late.




The above story is my entry into @mariannewest #frerwrite challenge

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Oh man...GMO' does make everything much harder.

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