I am finally back with you ...

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Greetings friends of steemit

Yesterday I could not publish because we were without electric service for 15 hours. Actually, yesterday was a day that took us a bit out of the routine ...

From an early, I got up to prepare everything for my daughters to go to school, I get up every day at 5:30 am. I had everything ready, breakfast, ironed uniforms, and suddenly it started raining hard!

I do not like rainy days very much, however here in the area we had a lot of time without rain, and we really needed a rainy day. So it started to rain and I was glad. He stayed strong for approximately 20 minutes. and it just stopped raining, the electricity went away ... That's not good!

So we did not take the girls to school and we stayed at home to wait for them to put the electricity back in, but unfortunately that was not the case.


So the day was kept, dark, cold (it´s good) and rainy.

Due to heavy rain, electricity was suspended in 10 sectors due to technical failures. The day remained rainy and without electricity, the day we could not do many scheduled activities.

I took my husband to his electricity classes (ironically they had class without electric service hahaha). and I went with the girls to my mom's house.

We were there until 5pm. The whole day was rainy and without electricity. When it came back to my house, it still rained a little and I came with great caution because the traffic lights did not work. At 10:30 a.m. it was that they restored the electric service, but the internet service did not. So it was impossible to publish yesterday ...


On the road with the traffic lights out of service

Today I got up again at 5:30 am. I prepared everything, and ... again, without electric service at 7am. Unfortunately in Venezuela this has become "our daily bread". We had time that did not happen but it happened again.

Thank God they restored the fast service, at 8:30 we already had electricity, and the internet service also. Now when I write this post it is 10:15 am ..

The day dawned beautiful, so today I hope for the best. A different day than yesterday with a lot to do. It's not so hot anymore because yesterday's rain cooled a lot, that makes me very happy. I hope that your day is excellent too.


This is the day today. Beautiful, clear and fresh.
(View from my window)

Have a blessed day 😊


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