in #freewrite2 years ago

Brain: Sure! You're ready! Give it a shot, find her in FB

Heart: Sure... I'll do it.

Innermost me: I bet I wont even find her. There's a guhthousandkintillion people with her name on FB

Finds her

Brain: Yay me! I rule!

Heart: silently shrinks

Innermost me: Fuck... She's beautiful

Brain: Fuck... She's beautiful... But it's ok. I got my own. I'm not bad AT ALL

Heart: shrinks further

Innermost me: Ok, I guess it's about that time when you give up on yourself and wait for death in peace

Brain: I might just add her some other time... I mean, it's not like she remembers me or anything. I'd come off as creepy

Heart: has sunk into oblivion forever

Innermost me: It's a good time for internet to fail

Brain: I've got work to do. I better close FB

All three: write post so as to not get completely poisoned by this rotten feeling

The end.