A World in Denial

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Like the proverbial frog in boiling water, the West continues to slip further into financial trouble. The telltale sign that people are in denial is the excuses made for spending rainy day money, then lines of credit, then credit cards. The denial starts when people believe "this is just temporary" when spending more and more credit, convincing themselves that because it could all turn around, that the best course of action is to keep accumulating debt. People tell themselves that it's different this time, and their sentiment is backed up by mainstream news outlets as more and more excuses are made for bad economic data.

But I actually agree in part, it is different this time. It's different in a way that no other time can be called different.

This time, we have no cushions. During the last 10 years, the gas tank of the economy has been shrinking and shrinking. Imagine filling up your car with gas and the price gets higher every time, but the distance you can drive on a full tank of gas gets shorter and shorter, until one day a tank of gas costs $10,000, and that will only get you far enough to reach the next gas station down the road.

This analogy describes what is happening in the Repo Market between the big banks, and with the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve pumps the tanks full every day now, and its barely enough to keep the economy going for 24 hours. Pretty soon they'll be driving along side the banks, filling their gas tanks in real time as they barrel down the economic highway.

We're at the point where banks are playing magic tricks with pools of debt and equity, using negative rates to make money by borrowing money from other banks, and they can turn around and use that negative-backed money to lend to other banks while they borrow for a better rate of return.

This only ends in one way. All the Billionaires at the top with their positive net worth will suddenly be forced to invest or lose their wealth over time, which in turn will flood the system with so much liquidity that the purchasing power of the US Dollar, the Canadian Dollar, and every other fiat currency will Tank like we're living in Zimbabwe. If Cash isn't eliminated, we'll have 1 Trillion Dollar US Notes being used to buy a loaf of bread, if we all aren't using a new currency when it reaches that point.

If a proper reset can be pulled off, things will get better and return to "normal," but there's a chance this also ends in another world war. There are some experts who say there is a 100% chance of another world war within the next decade, but then there's students of this stuff, like myself, who see light at the end of the tunnel, but only if those elected in the West are not corrupt and working directly for the Western oligarchy.

But until all this unfolds in the way that it inevitably will, the West is in a serious case of denial, and you only need to be on social media, watching youtube, or be talking to people in real life to know that everyone has their heads buried in the sand, pretending to be far better off than they actually are right now. The data doesn't lie, Most Americans are already broke and living off credit. If we were coming out of a recession, I wouldn't be so alarmed, but we're supposedly at the tail end of the greatest economic expansion ever, and nobody on the ground has a thing to show for it, while the 0.1% at the top are swimming in diamond encrusted pools of Himalayan mineral water.

Either those holding the levers of power get smart, or get replaced by people who are smart, or there's going to be a shit show on so many levels. Never mind the pollution and climate disaster that's unfolding. Yet again, more denial. The economy's hot (on fire really), and climate change is a hoax.

That's all these snakes in power do is deny, deny deny. Well, the chickens are coming home to roost, and either those in power pay for their cowardice, or the electorate pay the price for supporting the corruption and denial.

Thanks for reading. Stay safe and keep your head up (and out of the sand).


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