Thoughts from a doctor's waiting room

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I broke my nose. I broke it for the 6th - 8th time in my life - I don't really remember how many times I've broken it, I just know it's been at least 6 times.


That's me right after the surgery
I know, how dare I upload that horrible picture. Well, I wanted to clickbait you, you know me

Fights - never started by me but always finished - in bars when I was younger; playing contact sports where a broken nose is something normal; accidents I've been involved in - I've broken at least 10 bones in ten different accidents; these are just some scenarios where I've ended with a broken nose throughout my short - or long? - life and so far I was able to ignore the fact I needed surgery.

This time it was different. This time after that basketball hit my nose I realized I couldn't postpone the inevitable. I couldn't breathe anymore. At all.

It turns out my nose was broken in so many parts and my septum was so diverted and full of callus from the previous times, that this ball to my face managed to actually make it impossible for me to breathe properly.

Oh yes, I became a mouth breather - Stranger things reference, got it? No? Ok :(

Anyway, I had to operate my nose and I'm going to be around three months wearing this little bandages and having to go to the doctor for weekly cleaning sessions for at least one month.


That's me a couple of days ago. I look better but still quite swollen... :/

This was supposed to be an introduction to my writing session of random thoughts I get while waiting somewhere and damn, it just became a story about my broken nose.

Forget about that, the point is, it was broken, I fixed it, I'm ok after all.

Do you know what else is broken?

My heart.

It breaks my heart - this is a figured speech, obviously - to see so many people shilling other platforms - or should I say Steem clones? - just because they are not 100% happy with the changes the hardfork brought to our platforms.

I get it. Other platforms are going to keep emerging and there's nothing wrong with exploring our options and actually investing in other coins/projects. After all I don't think it's smart to go 100% all in in just one coin, it's cool to diversify our portfolio.

But what I don't agree with and actually find despicable is to talk trash about steem and shilling other coins or platforms while jumping in another ICO bandwagon just because you don't agree with the changes the Hardfork brought.

I have to say, I fully agree with the new dynamics and rulebook the HF introduced and I completely trust the user experience and the overall platform health will improve.

This situation actually gives me a chance to just remove people from my "support list" and you know what? There are a lot of whales besides me who think the same. Why should we support people who take advantage of the HardFork negative parts -yes, of course it wasn't all candy and flowers, I know that - to shill another Steem clone or talk shut about steem.

That's just not the way to go. That's my opinion and perhaps it's biased, but I'm fully convinced of it and I highly doubt I'll change my mind but, as always, I'm open to listen to everyone's opinion.

I don't want to keep bashing on the detrimental opinions and those who speak them, I just wanted to make a statement, after all you know I have strong convictions regarding our Blockchain and I try to never keep quiet about important matters that affect us all. I can't change most of what happens around me but at least I always have a strong opinion about it.

Right now I'm waiting for the doctor, I'm supposed to get my weekly cleaning session where he sticks a mini hose and he suctions everything inside my nose and I feel my brain is being raped. After that, he'll use some weird small tweezers to tear the crusts inside my nose and any dry mucus lying around in my nose walls.

Sounds beautiful huh? Imagine experiencing it first hand. Lovely.

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Damn, @anomadsoul! I feel weird voting on a post that shows you with a busted face. Just to be clear, I'm not "liking" your injury. Trim off the upvote reward for new gauze pads, maybe? That is a really tough injury to deal with. I've broke my nose twice. I used to be a professional wrestler and took a steel chair to the face, and the second time I was walking sleepy through the parking lot of a rest stop in Ohio. I saw a TCBY ice cream store inside and fixated on it [...because I'm a chubby kid at heart], and walked face first in to the glass door. I also put my teeth through my top lip. The last few sentences with the snot vacuum made it real for us :P

I'm confident the HF20 hate will subside now that things are stabilizing. From everything I've been following, most of it was about scalability which was much better for STEEM to plan for now. The internet is fickle. If STEEM hits $5 in the next month or two, all you'll be reading about is how Steemit is changing lives and the world. At least when that happens, scalability will have been addressed.

Rest up, my friend.


Don´t pretend man, I know you take pleasure in my suffering :P hahaha
Oh wow a steel chair to the face? That sounds like WWE worthy haha I actually don´t like fighting because I´m too much of a wuzz, I like my face too much XD but sometimes fights are unavoidable.
Lol ain´t we all chubbies at heart?

Exactly, everyone will come back with their tail between their legs once price starts spiking as last year. Cool thing is, I already decided to support only those who stuck around during the "dry season", and obviously newcomers, but the quitters? Nah, I´m not supporting those guys :/


HS! A chairs :S So insane and sad! Fuck whoever did that :/
I've hit glass before but never that hard :S (I see pretty bad)
How did your nose heal? On it's own?
And I had no idea you were a wrestler! :D

Broke my nose, once. Badminton. We would have won the match had my partner allowed me to strike the birdie. She came at it from the other end as I was turning around. Hit my nose instead of the birdie. Then proceeded, a few months later, to steal my boyfriend hahaha Ah, high school. It's okay.

Regarding the hard fork, I think people were so used to what was there, and people don't like change, it's uncomfortable. Then they jump ship completely for something new. Once people get used to this new way, it'll be fine. They kept complaining about the old system. Now they ahve to complain about this one too.

I've not tried any of the clones or alternatives. I can't manage so many platforms. I'm good on Steemit. If ever it begins to fail drastically, then I might jump ship before sinking completely with it, but for now it seems fine. People are freaking out about a lot of things I still don't get. I'm fine. People need to take a deep breath, or a few, and relax. Everything will be all right.

Og by the way, did they stuff your nose with a meter long cotton thing? That's what I had that they took out the next day after the operation. It went from red to white lol I had no idea something that long could be stuffed in a nostril. There were two, one for each nostril. It was intense.

Nose is quite delicate part of our body. There are nerves going towards brain from there. I am personally facing a lot of problems due to a pin hole in my septum bone. Which is very hard to repair for ENT surgeon. Recently saw this video, the person struggling for 13 years with similar problem of septal perforation ,before he got a good doctor in contact.

I feel your pain and suggest you to take utmost care of your nose and be always in touch of your doctor. Warm wishes.

As far as I can remember, I have never broken my nose, but without provocation during times of severe cold, heat or at higher elevations, it will start bleeding. I've never had to go to the doctor for it, but I can definitely relate to the issues at hand. I guess it's better to go before things get to the point of malfunctioning, even if that's not how we do it. :)

I'm not that partial to the shilling either. Until something has been around a while and has proven that it's markedly better, it's just another STEEM wannabe. At this point, we're talking about a year or so away from knowing how good/bad anything coming out now really is, and that will probably still give anyone who desires enough time to get their foot in the door.

I definitely understand and felt to some degree the negativity. At times it does feel like things are flying on autopilot, though. There are things that just shouldn't happen over two years into a project, and losing sight of the user experience for the majority of the platform would be one of them. I'm not a fan of ends justifying the means, even if those ends are for the betterment of the platform.

As far as things go, last week will be rendered a blip in STEEM's history if all goes well moving forward. That doesn't mean that Steemit Inc and witnesses should forget what happened, and they certainly should do everything in their power to improve. Trust works both ways. I've heard the calls to trust them, but I think leap first, fix later is wearing a little thin.

So, anyway, glad to hear you're on the mend and we're in agreement on the shilling.

I totally agree with you.

Nevertheless I tested Weku for example and even made a post about it here.

I think I give it kind of fair review and it is what it is, just a shameless steem clone. But it does not hurt to test out other options.

Maybe we end up learning something how we can make steemit better from another social network on a chain.

But shittalking steem while promoting another chain is just not a classy act and ( looking at you dlive).

Damn, that sucks dude. I hope you get feeling better. It has to be the best feeling in the world breathing through your nose again. And I agree with the shitty way others are trying to jump ship. You just go ahead and send those whales my way. I will appreciate them like they need to be. :) 20180425_090606.jpg

Just be thankful you don't have my scar. from ear to ear over the top of my head. Got in a fight with a bunch of guys that jumped my friend and I took a bat right to the forehead. I have more titanium in my head now than most small countries own, lol

OUCH... OMG... Those are the two "words" that pop into my head when I see the photo... I quickly scroll down... I can't bear to see other people in pain... I feel the pain too...
I don't have broken bones... but fractures yup... in an accident 10 years ago... was hit by a motorcycle... actually until now I don't have a clear idea of which bone was fractured or how bad it was fractured. 😅 I don't even have a good look at my x-ray either... Just let it recover...
As for the clones... even though I can multitask... but then I can't be everywhere all the time... well most of the time I am just in one place... I don't have enough "RAM" to run in so many different places... So I guess I better just focus at one place and here I am Steeming here in Steemit...

Well, what a perfect conundrum of a post! There you are with a busted nose — ouch! — and now upvoting the post feels a little bit like "liking" the post... which just feels plain wrong on some level. So well done, for that!

Friend of ours actually had to have her nose "re-broken" (at 38!) because of the many times she'd had it broken as a varsity volleyball player in both high school and college. Nothing quite like a spiked volleyball to the face to mess things up. Anyway, the repeated break-heal-break cycles built up enough inner scar tissue that it was causing a serious sleep apnea.

As for people talking smack about Steemit... I try to remember that we have a giant contingent of "money for nothing nomads" who drift from one new site to another in search of... well... money for nothing, and anything that impedes their scheming will cause them to jump ship. I guess I don't take it personally because they've been doing it since long before there was Steemit, and long before there were blockchains. "Please like and vote and follow me" is probably a 20-year old phrase... no less annoying now than it was then. And not likely to vanish.

I get that there are those who feel like Steemit turned its back on the original ideal of being a "social content platform" and instead seems more like a "proving ground for app development" for the Steem blockchain. And even if I see myself as a Steemit "loyalist," things like the DLive departure was a bit of a sour note.

But what do I know? I'm just a CAT!


Ouch! Sorry to hear about your nose. At least you broke it doing something healthy and fun, for what it's worth. Hope you're not in pain.

As for other coins, yeah, it is wise to invest in multiple coins and also mine multiple coins, whether with equipment or content creation. But it is a little rude to use the site to attack the site. A response to not liking a decision to me is to fight for a different decision, and I think the conversation and adjustments are ongoing. That's useful community participation in governance. But to trash the place because you don't get your way is bad form.

You know, I'm in a bit of a strange situation because I was absent for around 2 months due to work and a busted-ass computer, and I came back to a post-HF20 Steemit. But right as my computer was dying and I was still daily-active... it seemed like the cool new thing to do was to shit all over Steemit non-stop. It was pretty disheartening. These assholes were posting daily about how awful Steemit was, and their minions (and themselves) would vote the shit-talk posts up to huge payouts. And again, they would do it daily. I can appreciate negative feedback, but honestly, I'd rather them just fucking go. One guy was a 70+ rep and I distinctly remember a post titled something like "I'm going to take an extended break from this shithole." You know how long that extended break lasted??? 8 hours. Then he was right back to bitching and getting big payouts for it.
I don't know. I'm not a tech guy. My two year steemit birthday was in August, and I've enjoyed myself all along. I'm sure there's stuff that could be done better... but I wouldn't even know how to begin doing it, so I'm going to assume it's fucking hard, and I'm going to be grateful what I DO have: A place where I can share my travel photos, share my thoughts, AND it makes me money in doing so. It also introduced me to cryptocurrency altogether.
Well, thanks for your post. It's what I needed to see upon my return. Kudos for quoting 11.

Ugh.. poor guy! I’m glad you are feeling better and that you will be good as new soon!

I agree with you on the heartbreak.. I say get going already. This HF and how people handled it.. and well how others lost their damn minds while demanding what they deserved, has been an amazing time to make sure I am supporting the right people.

We are doing something never done before.. some people can’t handle being apart of that and what that means.. essentially holding tight while we work through the good with the bad.

Hope you feel better soon! Here’s some 🍫 for your heart.. it’s been helping me 😉

The idea that so many were willing to turn their backs on EVERYONE because they couldn't find a way to cope with the actions of few; that's the part that really gets to me. It doesn't make me angry, just disappointed.

Good luck with the nose. I've had mine smashed. Good times!

Get well soon. I understand your heart wound. It hurts me, too, to watch my friends flee as ... from STEE just because they significantly reduced their SP and this caused restrictions. But, our hearts are with you, And of course, your nose will surely get well :)

Скорейшего выздоровления. Я прекрасно понимаю Вашу сердечную рану. Мне, тоже, больно смотреть, как мои знакомые убегают как ... из СТЕЕМ только потому, что они значительно снизили свою СП и это вызвало ограничения. Но, наши с Вами сердца, И конечно же, Ваш нос обьязательно выздоровеют :)

hahaha. Ok. Let me start over. I am NOT a sadist who is laughing at your misery.

I'm laughing at your mouth-breather reference. And your ability to make me laugh even when your nose is broken. Well, technically almost fixed. But still.

And, how are you able to stay all click-baity after surgery?

Good job!

Sorry about the brain rape!! That sounds worse than your nose being raped by the basketball.

After that, he'll use some weird small tweezers to tear the crusts inside my nose and any dry mucus lying around in my nose walls. << I think you should find a way to work this into your tinder profile.

Feel better!

Oh, also I'm with you on the talking bad about steem. And maybe just being negative in general. Negative is no bueno.

Ok, that's way too much information on what goes on in your nose, I feel I've just gone through it and can't shake off the mucus now 😫

As to clone sites, people are free to create their own platforms, but be creative and do your own work. Don't just lift and shift. If that's that the type of mentality of the platform developers, then you can imagine the quality of the platform content.

I totally agree with you. It was pretty depressing to see how quickly people were ready to jump ship when Steemit was down for just a short period of time. What little faith some of us have in this platform that we claim to love and cherish. I have been invited to other platforms in the past, I have checked them out briefly, none of them hold a candle to Steemit. My goal during the HF20 thing was to be a voice for Steemit, disproving the FUD that was being spread around. That sucks about your nose. Glad you are getting it taken care of though. It will probably be best for you in the long run!

Ouch, that sucks. :( Hope you get well soon and well if you get on a fight again, protect your face... let them hit you somewhere else instead :D Just kidding. Lol. But... does that fist deserve to land on a handsome face? Yes? No.

I do agree with your opinion on the people complaining about the HF20. In order for the platform to grow, it needs some changes. Of course during the changes there will be a lot of problems to be dealt with that is why they are being fixed. I don't get the ranting.. really. But... if they are moving away just because the platform is trying to be better, then the platform doesn't deserve any of them. I'd gladly say goodbye and pack their things for them if they want to. :D

-Nice clickbait-

I never get a broken bone, and ill just get involved in three fights in my life two of them ill get lucky or im smart, probably just lucky (=

Now talking about steem, i think this is a solid proyect. Hope this will still improbing and growing! I dont have enough time to reach any limits yet on my RC. Hope ill have enough Mana to perform the challenge you start.

Its weird (you know im kinda raging person) but i dont get mad when steemit forks, even when i loose an article (before the news i wrote becomes old i post it on Medium, why not?) one of steemit greatest weak is the way of organize the information, but im sure that will be solved in the future i was thinking on a forum front end version of steemit but of course i dont have any coding skill so my ideas on this projects die preety fast =P

Thanks for your support bro!

Wow - I just found you from @rivalzzz's post, about SteemFest and after-hours Poker.. Dude, sorry about the nose! I know the feeling for toes, fingers, wrist and ankles.. (skateboarder here). Would love to Link up in Krakow.

6 or 8 times ? Eric you need to duck when that punch comes 😜. Ok ok a baseball is different lol Just joking! Make sure you heal up before steemfest!

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Oh you should see the other guys :P
No no, most of the times they were sucker punches! Oh, when we meet, you should ask me about my broken bones count so you can laugh more at me haha

Well a broken nose sucks I guess, never had mine broken, only thing I ever definitely tore was one of my meniscus. As for HF20 I guess everyone has his own opinion, personally I think it sucks and I can see no benefit, things are practically the same as they were before, so what was the need of it?

I like the idea of letting the shills, shill... But I pretty much find people who bitch and complain annoying. So, not too worried about what they say...


Yeah, If someone wants to shill let them shill, what i don't like is them taking advantage of negative situations to virtue signal and talk shut :/ that is for dropping by man!

Sorry to hear that your nose is broken again, but glad to see you doing good considering the circumstances.

I felt really sad to see people leaving steemit and trashing it.
I love steemit and will always be grateful for it and no matter what is going on with the platform, I will wait patiently and support it and enjoy my time off when it is not working.

Wish you fast recovery.

Oh man, I am so sorry to read about your nose. Only the story and the pictures make me already shiver. Brr! Noses are so sensitive! Fortunately, I've never broken my nose, or at least that I knew of. I've had several knees and elbows pounced on it though.

I have debated getting my nose looked at too, have serious issues with proper breathing due of times it's been broken between sports, fights, and a good kick to the face from my oldest while I was tossing her in the air when she was little. Oh that one was bad and I still had to catch her on the way down. In a couple months when you are all healed I'm curios as to if you felt it was a worth it.

Now as for HF20, it really was a painful experience for those of us without a ton of SP. It was even more painful watching the haves be able to post and self vote at 100% gobbling up massive rewards as they were the only ones posting. This left a very bad rift in the have vs have not's. This will heal over time, but have a little understanding that this door was opened due to way the fork was pushed forward without proper testing and then the resulting lock out of the smaller members while the larger ones took advantage of making extra profits.

Personally I was upset like most as I put a ton of effort into steemit on a daily basis to attempt to help smaller members grow. To have everything I was doing come to a dead stop and then have StINC come out and say it was a success was a massive slap in the face...then multiple witness followed up saying it was a success. Success doesn't involve shutting out 98% of the users for days, very poor wording. Their last post shows that maybe a PR person was hired to word things better then the previous writer...might be wrong on that, but doubt it. At the very least the change in tone/attitude tells me they know there was an error in wording and didn't foresee the perception issue with calling that a success until it was to late and hopefully learned from it.

Learning, this is key. We all make mistakes in life and as long as we learn from these mistakes at least something can be gained. It's my opinion at this point that steemit inc and the top 20 witnesses realize the error in their ways with the HF and going forward we will not see so much largely untested or undertested code go live. We just saw the results of why changes to the process need to be made and feel that they will be made.

Honestly glad this happened at this point. If this HF went without a hitch and luck happened to prevail nobody would have realized the flaw in the process. Then later with even more users at some point luck wouldn't have prevailed and untested code pushed forward would have had a larger impact. At least now there is only a small fairly loyal group of people on steemit, but later if we have say 5 or 10 million real active users could you imagine the effects of a "success" like this would be disastrous IMO.

So now we move forward and recognize that there are maybe a few people who need to be shunned for their actions after the fact. Those who are now pimping/shilling other steemit wannabe sites and then those who decided that taking advantage of the lock out time to self vote 10+ times a day at 100% power to make sure to claim their massive share of the reward pool for the down days when nobody else was able to function.

There are a few people who's actions really showed their true colors. If you want to know a person's integrity just watch how they handle things while under pressure. This is always when their true colors will come out.

Oh Eric, please be carefull!
I hope you get feeling much better now

Querido amigo, me encanta tu post... Sí, lo sé, tienes la nariz rota o en recuperación y no estoy feliz por ello, me contenta saber que eres un tipo serio y transparente, que no le importa que la gente te vea como eres, y decir las palabras al aire y en la cara de la gente.
Me encanta que seas sincero y tengas argumentos para afrontar las realidades, sabemos que el mundo no es color de rosa, pero ahí estamos para enfrentarlo, espero sigas mejorando (ya deja de pelear, hombre... No fingas que fue baloncesto) jajaja "es broma".
Un abrazo, compa.

So sorry about that get well soon sir @anomadsoul

Vaya lo siento mucho @anomadsoul, tiene pinta de ser muy doloroso y desagradable... Te deseo una rápida y buena mejoría, pufff, yo deberia operarme pero me has quitado todas las ganas jejejej pero si que es verdad que el factor respirar es horroroso si no se puede hacer correctamente.
Mucha fuerza y buena vibra!!!

Oh! No
This is hurtful
I wish you speedy recovery
Gosh! I feel for you

Amigo, @anomadsoul, lamento mucho lo sucedido; pero realmente tiene su parte positiva y fue la acción de operarse: porque de lo contrario usted no se hubiese operado. En lo referido a los cambios que se están operando en la plataforma, no puedo opinar por desconocimiento del tema.

So sorry man

Shit, man! Stop doing these things!

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damn dude. get well soon.

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Buen día para ti @anomadsoul 😷 sobre todo por esa fuerte lesión en tu nariz 👃💉

UF!!! Que terrible debe ser. Sobre todo las limpiezas 😓 Deseo que tu recuperación sea satisfactoria. No me he operado de la mía pero tengo muchas otras experiencias en quirófanos por varios padecimientos en mi salud que me han hecho sufrir mucho. Pero todo superado hasta ahora y sigo poco a poco adelante con mi aguijón.

Reconozco que soy una pequeña criatura aquí, y tampoco tengo dominio en temas de blockchain y como muchos debo esperar dominar el nuevo sistema. Por supuesto, que como todo cambio, esto trae resistencia al principio, pero luego de la tempestad llega la calma. Lo positivo que veo, es que ahora están solo usuarios, grandes y pequeños, que están comprometidos con la calidad de la plataforma. Pensemos en que sirvió de depuración y los que se van de aquí no hacen falta. Ahora si va a ver más calidad. Y todo será para el bien.

Desde antes de HF20 tengo planeado hacer un post sobre el contenido de porqueria que algunos usuarios hacen . Eso es dar un mal uso a la plataforma. Ahora siento con más animo en hacerlo. Quiero creer que el beneficio de la plataforma llegó con los nuevos cambios. Como madre venezolana y muchos otros amigos del mundo cuento con steemit . Estoy aquí y aquí me quedo 📍

Un abrazo virtual respetuoso y deseo tu salud.

Avanzando 😉

Oh my... Get well soon @anomadsoul.. Hopefully it's fully recover by the time on SF3, need that handsome face of yours on our wefie 😉

Ouch!!!!!!!!!!! BE CAREFULL!!!!!!!!!

Hay que tener fuerza de voluntad para estar ahí esperando sabiendo todo lo que te va a pasar en unos minutos. Debe doler y molestar mucho.
Pero supongo que mejoras luego de cada sesión y respiras con libertad.
Cuantas sesiones te faltan?

Con respecto a Hardfork, creo que cada quien tiene su opinión y se respeta. No tiene nada malo quien desee experimentar otras plataformas. Pero al igual que tú, me molesta que hablen mal de Steem.
Creo que cada quien tiene su manera de opinar y dar su punto de vista (con respeto).
Pero condenar, o declarar que Steem ya no sirve pienso que esta muy mal. Si no te gusta, y quieres expresarlo, estan lo mecanismo. (Un comentario, intenta hablar con los téstigos que apoyas y te representan).

O si quieres que tu voz sea más tomada en cuenta, y afecte la plataforma con más contundencia, invierte en Steem, convierte en téstigo. Y demostrarás que de verdad te importa esta comunidad y quieres mejorarla.
Pero hablar mal, e irte en la primera tormenta que pasas, no ayuda ni aporta mucho.

Sigamos trabajando, sigamos creyendo.

Un abrazo,

Get well soon.. OMG ..for the 8th time.. Take care.

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Man, that sucks (and hurts). Hope you get better soon.
Just stay away form courts for a while :)


Definitely man, I can't play for at least 3 months, doctor's orders :(

I can't even run or do pull ups for at least a month, all I can do is some bicycle...

Thanks for the kind words!


So sorry sir, get well soon

Oh sí, claro que recuerdo algunas historias de las rupturas de tu nariz. Pensé que un borracho te la había roto otra vez 😅

Al menos me encanta que mantengas una actitud positiva, y deseo que te mejores muy pronto. Pero sobre todo espero que no te la rompas más.

Por cierto ¿cuáles son esos cambios tan significativos como para que alguien deje esta plataforma por otra? Sería de mucha ayuda que hicieras un post explicándolo.

Un abrazo, Eric 😋

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You got a 40.58% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @anomadsoul!

I hope at least the nurse is beautiful, LOL. Breathing with the mouth, I do it all the time, I am asthmatic. You will recover soon. Saludos!

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Oh, and real quick. If your healing process goes through a stage of nose whistle.... be sure to upload a video. lol Here's to a speedy recovery!

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Ohh get well really soon my dear ♥

How bad your nose and being so close to the SF hope you can be better for when it comes time to go to the event! It would not be pleasant for anything that you suffer from some pain

@anomadsoul, Unfortunate to know about your Nose Surgery but you've came up with an Story Telling aspect and in my opinion if you write your story then in my opinion you should add your Nose Journey because it's reflecting as you have a Nose History.

And the most important aspect of this post is, your opinion about the Hardfork 20 and related practical stories. Yes, we should explore and we should try out other platforms but, degrading one platform for other is not an right option. And we have to remember one thing no matter how many flaws are there in Steem Economy but we cannot ignore one aspect and that is it's their with practical results, backed with strong communities, improving with rapid rate, new developments and many more, and individuals have to understand one point and that is, if one aspect or change is not helping them that doesn't mean that whole idea is an Negative aspect.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Oh my! I didn't know your nose was that when saw it first time on Smoke.. oops. I'm sorry this happened! After seeing your face most a lot of time on Steem, seeing you like this is like a fam member went to the hospital so I Hope you get better soon!!

After all I don't think it's smart to go 100% all in in just one coin, it's cool to diversify our portfolio.

Soooo agree with that. I have been around but Steem is still home. I just learned the new vocab 'Shill' ! I to be honest about the HF, I don't even feel the differences like others do. Still swimming happily in the ocean. (Maybe I'm too small so I don't feel the wave much)

Again, get well soon!!! :)

man, those pictures and especially your last words about what that doctor was doing to you made me cringe big time...My nose is holy! I wouldn't want anyone to be poking around in it, let alone take pieces out! Ahhhhhh!
About your broken heart: I hope we can mend it by the time Steemfest comes around. To be honest, besides Steemit, I am on Smoke (purely because...well, do I really need to explain?) and on Scorum because I LOVE poker, Gaming and some sports. I like both platforms for their specialization. BUT! I LOVE Steemit, for the people, for what it has done for me and what it's doing on a daily basis. For the endless possibilities. Steemit is my numero UNO. With or without any hardforks. But that said: there will always be people who will bitch and moan about something they thought was awesome just a week ago. They're just the bitchers and moaners. Nothing we can do about it. I choose to ignore it.

Anyways...I hope your pretty nose feels better soon ;) <3

I wish you the best ("gute Besserung!") for your broken nose and I share your view in this post. Until now HF20 works quiet well in my opinion. Sure there are always some problems when you update a platform's code. But this is normal.

Hey bro, mucho reposo y cuidado para que se recupere rápido, en cuanto al tema de steemit, la verdad es que no tengo mucho tiempo, pero en el corto tiempo que tengo me ha gustado mucho la plataforma, no he experimentado aun con otras y estos nuevos cambios ciertamente me limitan un poco más que antes, pero creo que esto solo es motivo para querer esforzarte más. saludos

Mijo espero que te recuperes y que el camino a ello no sea tan cuenta arriba. Aquí seguimos los que creemos en este proyecto, sé que valdrá mucho la pena.

Un abrazo Eric.

Oh noooo😢 Hope you get better @anomadsoul!

I had to operate my nose, due to respiratory problems, thank God everything went well, and I breathe better. If you want to feel better or do it by aesthetics you should do it, it is a very simple operation and the recovery is quick. A hug.

A mi me tuvieron que operar la nariz, por problemas respiratorios, gracias a Dios todo salio bien, y ya respiro mejor. Si uno quiere sentirse mejor o hacerlo por estetica debe hacerlo, es una operaciòn muy sencilla y la recuperacion es rapida. Un abrazo.

ouch. i actually feel painful when reading about the broken nose. i did suction for my son before where small tube was inserted into nostril right into in in in then down to the chest and suck suck suck all the mucous. i could never imagine how uncomfortable it was and now i read about your broken nose.

but thank you for openly and honestly share with us, now i know you more a little :)

Hey @anomadsoul after all, your broken nose can help you in your plans to do a big business at Steem Fest. You wrote about the fact that you want to meet an older lady with a large wallet. :D After all, you have just received a special "item" from fate, which may make it possible for you. Is there anything better for an elderly woman, bored with spending money, than a young, handsome man who needs to be looked after? lol That's why you have to be careful with your wishes, because life/universe/god has its own way to fulfill them. But I congratulate you to take the next step to make your dream come true. :)

Qué alarmista, primero que te vuelves vegetariano y luego la foto dramática y el titulado jajajaja.
Espero tu recuperación sea rápida y satisfactoria, aunque digas que estas acostumbrado a los huesos rotos... pero al parecer al corazón no Jajajajaja.
Vale, me dejo de chistorines, que esas últimas líneas ponen los pelos de punta a cualquiera.

howdy sir anomadsoul! wow that sounds lot a significant amount of pain! So all those little pieces and scar tissue were totally closing off your breathing space, wow.
I agree with you about people jumping ship at the slightest sign of trouble.

Mouth breathers for life bra ;)

Recover well my friend & see u soon!

Hope you get better.

About HF20, I feel as you it's going to improve our dynamics through the platform. Probably there was a lot of people misunderstanding so many stuff and this is a chance to actually get it.

About diversity, I just started university jaja College... And one of my teachers want us to open a new blogpage and I just entered Whaleshares because some friends moved from hispanic Steem communities and ask me to join. I'm still waiting my approval. What do you recommend it should be my attitude to learn more about blockchain now with these two blogging -similar- experiences, @anomadsoul?

I am not leaving Steemit. I do like Steemit and I expect to witness more changes.

Ohhh, I just had to read this right at bedtime (thank God I'm not remembering my dreams much now that I'm on melatonin)" he suctions everything inside my nose and I feel my brain is being raped. After that, he'll use some weird small tweezers to tear the crusts inside my nose and any dry mucus lying around in my nose walls. Dang! What a life you've led--fights, sports, injuries on the job, broken bones--you're a soldier even if you were never a soldier!
As for people giving up on Steemit and promoting other platforms, that all few right over my head. I just plug away here and somehow don't even see posts promoting "better" places. I never quit Twitter or Facebook when I came to Steemit, and I'm unlikely to quit Steemit.
Hang in there, @anomadsoul, and try to stay in one piece, please :)

I just hope that your recovery implies that you will not break your nose anymore LOL

There's a friend @anomadsoul, what happened? How delicate that is. I hope you are already better. And take more care of your face and nose, because later you'll look like owen wilson! LOL. God bless you and you recover. And enjoy your STEEMFEST!

Well, I guess it kinda makes sense that you'd think about your broken nose while in the hospital with a broken nose, so I don't think that's weird ;)
Sorry about that, man. It must really suck. But if it helps at all, you really don't look bad :D At least in the second picture (you have jokey eyes) :P I really hope you feel better.
As for the platform, people are just trying new things...the way I see it, there's no point in getting angry or worrying about it. The ones who'll stay will stay, the ones who won't...well, maybe they're not such a big loss.

Oh no, I wish you getting well soon!

Be honest.. you just got a rhinoplasty :P

Please take care! Get well soon.

Diosss, cuántos sustos se ha llevado tu madre contigo... lo siento, pero no puedo evitar pensar lo mucho que debe haber sufrido, y que aún sufre, cada vez que te apareces con algo roto.
Gracias a Dios te operaste la nariz y estás en franca recuperación. Una vez me operaron por el tabique desviado y cuando me quitaron los tapones largos de algodón que estaban dentro de mis fosas nasales, sentí que me estaban sacando el cerebro, tan mala es la sensación que cuando fueron a retirarme el segundo, me puse a llorar como una niña, y pedía un anestesiólogo. El doctor me miró fijamente, sonrió y me dijo: Esto se lo hago todo el tiempo a niños y no ha hecho falta anestesia. -Claro como los niños no pueden defenderse no les queda de otra que patalear, llorar y aguantarse su dolor : (
El punto es que entiendo lo desagradable de la experiencia.
Espero que sane pronto tu nariz... y tu corazón.
No te preocupes por lo que se van, están ejerciendo su libre albedrío, disfruta a los que están, en las dificultades sabemos con quien contamos, y eso es algo bueno. Las cosas mejorarán y verás otra vez muchos peces en este mar. En lo particular no me ya parecido mal la actualización, al menos noto que los post no bajan su valor con los días, al contrario suben, eso es genial. De resto, tengo que leer un poco para saber de qué manera cambió la plataforma.
Un abrazo, que sigas mejorando.

Hi Eric! I was a little distracted from the platform, as we are now changing the place of residence of our family. When I saw your photo, I was scared for your health. I wish a speedy recovery, you must take care of yourself!

Damnn :S I'm sorry about your nose, sounds so scary. I hope it's all healed by now! I've hit my nose badly twice, I don't think it's broken, but I always have small issues others don't. I'm so scared I might have to get a surgery eventually :(
As for clones, I'm giving one a try But as an artist I always look for new ways to share my art. I haven't stopped posting on Steemit :)
HF hasn't affected me much, but the few things that did change for me, were for the better. ^^
There is constructive criticism and then there is badmouthing and bashtalking :P There is a huge difference.
Cheers! And get well!

How's your nose doing now?