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RE: Writers or wanna be Writers Wanted!!!! Be Free! Freewrite!

in #freewrite5 years ago

I like your idea very much!
I have been practicing freewriting differently and never thought to publish it as such. I'm not going to promose I'll do it here, but it really sounds like fun. 🙂


hope you will play :) It is not about being good. It is about doing it and shutting up the inner critic. It is understood and expected to produce not so great writing :)

Yeah, yeah - I know, but I'm still not sure about it. It's not about you or the play. It's just about me. But will see! 😉

Nice comment, particularly the phrase "not about being good." So often, that desire / need to be good or great stops us from doing things (or writing things) that really are not that difficult, and which are in fact great practice.

I so agree with you!!!

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