Day 388: 5 Minute Freewrite- Determined To Succeed

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Liz was glad that she had to go home at last. “Thank goodness,” she murmured as she stepped outside the building. The interview has lasted a few hours than she expected. Her stomach rumbled to complain of its emptiness.
“Oh, I need a bite. Hamburger can save the situation” she soliloquized.

Liz hadn’t eaten lunch. She didn’t anticipate that the exercise will take that long. She is thankful that it is over and hopes to excel. She had prepared diligently for this interview when her name was shortlisted. She can’t wait for the day the training will start.

Though her father has doubts about her career, Liz will not be deterred from her chosen path. She has decided to follow her passion. She believed she has the right to create the life she wants to live.
Talking about her father, Liz didn’t want anything to spoil her appetite. She pushed her father’s negativity aside as she hurried down the road to grab a bite. Time will tell......


It's hard to go out into a career world without having a family's support. I can understand how difficult it can be. Nice freewrite!

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