Day 302- 365 Days Of Writing : The Strange Man

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Screenshot_2018-10-16 Umbrella photo by Andy Kirby ( mrkirby) on Unsplash.png

Photo by Andy Kirby on Unsplash

I hurried down the lane, hoping to reach home before the storm broke. The darkening sky loomed above. I noticed a man on black coat some yards ahead of me. With an umbrella held onto his back, the man walked leisurely. “Strange” I mused.

Oblivious of the weather change, the man made his way towards an alley by his right. Suddenly, another man lunged at him. The man pressed his wristwatch with his hands still supporting the umbrella on his back. His attacker was sent sprawling on the ground by an unseen force. Then, I realized that the wristband wasn’t a watch but a defensive device.

A shout escaped my lips as I darted across the lane. The strange man disappeared into the alley while his attacker was still on the ground perplexed. I glanced towards his direction as I ran past, making a mental note to avoid that alley at all costs.

Here is @mydivathings introductory post for this challenge.


Reminds me of the Kingsmen movie. Thank you for sharing this!

Yes. The scene at the bar when the kingsman defended Eggsy from the gang.

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